Ranger, Techno-Mage Influence


I need to put together a Ranger and Techno-mage Influence resources chart for my group. I'm hoping you guys can help add/subtract and tweak these for me, especially the techno-mage.

Ranger Resources

10 Access to Ranger archives
12 Use of a Ranger Messenger
15 Access to Ranger equipment
20 Use of a Ranger scouting team
25 Use of a White Star
30 Access to Ranger Intelligence reports
40 Use of the White Star fleet

Techno-mage Influence Resources

10 Access to Techno-mage archives
12 Access to special training, Techno-mage advisor
15 Access to techno-mage equipment
20 Gain access to low ranking political leaders of any race
25 Access to Techno-mage areas of power
30 Access to Techno-mage secrets
40 Call a Gathering
Not unless I missed it which I don't think so...I believe it mentions using the ISA just change the wording...I dont think it is adequate though.
doh...missed it bad :) ...ok so ignore the Rangers...especially need help with the Techno-Mages...I know they aren't in the book.
First off, no way did every single last Techno-mage leave...its like the whole 'last of the jedi' thing....it may be popular belief that all of them are gone, but a very small percentage wouldn't have left for various reasons....health, stuborness, refusal to leave one's home (power area), rebellion.

Secondly, just because most of the techno-mages left doesn't mean that they took all of their resources. There is a high level of probability that there are abandoned store houses with mage equipment protected by mage spells. A techno-mage who grows in power (lvl) will garner respect and fear from normal beings and may be able to gain access to political figures of various races by virtue of that power and respect. Knowledge gained from a hidden archive system could grant access to a virtual trainer or advisor.

The only thing we are limited by in the case of the exodus is our own imaginations.

well to me a resources check implies a system of infrastructure, a gathering of resources done "off screen" for the player, which is fine, its needed sometimes. but what you just described, sounds like a quest more than anything - you have to find the few mages that are left (which may not be disposed to helping at all, given recent events) or search out some hidden cache, more of an adventure in itself than a simple resource check.

true also. at the moment, I'm only allowing character types made using the new rulebook. it doesn't matter a great deal, since my group has never played 1st edition, but eventually they will want some prestige classes...

Chernobyl said:
then what resources can a technomage draw on, since the magi are all gone?

If you're a Technomage, you know damn fine where they went ;)

Unless you were one of the "splitters" in which case the last thing you need is TM Influence (you've got way more in another area...)

Basically, nothing actually changes for a Technomage post exodus; For someone else with TM Influence, everything changes.

The best example has to be Captain Gideon and Galen. Clearly Gideon has some influence with Galen, and Galen alone. However, for the post exodus period that would count as TM Influence, but in the grand scheme of this, nowhere near as useful as it used to be. Galen however, has plenty of TM Influence, just he'd never actually be able to use it on a day to day basis (but of course, where does he keep disappearing to..?).

Sorry for the vagueness, but I don't want to spoil anything for those who've not read the Technomage Trilogy and indeed the Technomage supplement.

To be honest post exodus there is no real way of getting influence with techno-mages, you might be able to get hold of a techno-mage if you are lucky, but that would be better left as a contact rather than an influence.

The Influence table i made up is more for the techno-mage player in my group than anyone else...the other players will not be able to gain this influence, but the actual mage will just by virtue of getting more powerful as time goes on. The FTL ability of mages means that they are never completely cut off from each other and those who are gone can provide aid and information about resources that have been left behind.

Some resources are intangible, they exist as a result of simply gaining power...a mage with high enough influence may be able to gain access to political leaders of any race just as a result of their incredible power and the respect that this brings. Other resources are more tangible...perhaps a mage in exile contacts the rebel mage who has gained power (lvl) and therefore influence to give him/her the location of a secret storage facility. Also getting the codes or spell needed to acceess the techno-mage archives and the wealth of information stored there is another example.
So you're using a Technomage *and* 2nd Edition? How have you reconciled that? So far, my groups migration to 2nd Edition has been stalled because of that issue..
I discouraged my players from being techno-mages but 1 of them wanted to be one anyways. So we are using the Fact Book version, which is one of the latest core class designs and more or less fits better into 2nd Ed anyways (less unbalancing). Sure we may have to make some adjustments as time goes on but so far it is going fine.