Random Encounters?


Are random encounter tables a good thing for Lone Wolf? Or, like Conan, should the encounters be decided on by the DM? I was thinking tables like the ones Iron Chef made for Conan, which included a good bit of non-combat encounters, would be good. Thoughts?
I think random encounters are fine in any game, as long as they're keyed to the local environment.

In some places in Magnamund, such as when wandering the Hellswamp, you'd need a stronger argument to oppose random encounters than to support them.

Naturally, it is also going to depend on how tightly the GM plans his scenarios.

Certainly, I'm not of the opinion that any game or setting is intrinsically better off without random encounters (which isn't to say that they are needed, either).

Now, simple wandering monster tables, as opposed to random encounter or event tables, that's a slightly different issue.
I'd have to say no. But that comment is simply in keeping with the original flavor of the game books, were nothing just "happened" and everything had a reason.

But if it works for your game, by all means use it!
I find well thought out regional random encounter tables really useful. Maybe I just aren't imaginative enough! :oops:

Is there a random encounter table in the Darklands source book? If encounter tables aren't going to be covered maybe this is an area where fans could step in. I think I will have a go at producing something for Kalte.