Raiders Nova Dreadnought


If someone knows if is any diference the Raiders Nova Dreadnought to the EA Nova Dreadnought? And what is a Raiders Delta V2 Fighters?
the delta V2 and a custom Nova Dreadnaught were covered in an ssue of S&P Wargamer a few months back. No idea of the new Raiders Nova is a reference to that or indicative of them fieldign older EA designs now.
matt Mentioned somehting at the open day last month about a new raiders vessel being basically a pair of stolen Novas bolted together.
How the hell do you steal a Nova-class dreadnought? That's like robbing the Bank of England, Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve Bank all in one day... :shock:
Maybe they found soem bits left after the Earth-Minbari war or the Earth civil war. Or they could have just 'picked up' the decomissioned hulls of a dodgy ship breaker. Or found one drifting after an accident. Or took one on a skeleton crew returning to refit during a particularly daring and well planned raid.

Lets face it, if it is two of them welded together, that means it is very likley each ship was in no state to funtion properly on its own.
Raider Dreadnought... damn... i can smell that cheese a mile away. :lol: :roll:
If is a Novas bolted should be from before the Mimbary war, all the Novas bolted were destroy at the Mimbary war. this mean than the theory of Silvereye could be right.
I think the translator program went off at a tangent with that post of mine.

Probably no Dilgar-era Bolter Dreadnaughts were involved.

What I was meaning was that the Raiders, through whatever means fair and foul, managed to get hold of a lot large sections from old Nova dreadnaughts.

Now with the help of an enthusiastic engineer with a fondness for welding and riviting, he 'kitbashed' these many pieces together so the ship would actually work.

Kind of like Frankenstein really.
If it's two Novas bolted together I wonder if it means side by side. Otherwise it'll be the two front ends attached back-to-back in which case it can never go anywhere without engines.

Or it will be the two back sections attached back-to-back in which case it still won't go anywhere since the engines would be pushing against eachother!
even worse, if they are side by side, but top to tail, they will just rotate on the spot!
i could see it as a semi mobile armed base, but having it as a fully functioning warship would seem a bit OTT for a raider group.

like petty criminals having an Abrams M1 only for ram-raiding their local electronics store or supermarket; it`s too big for their needs, easily spotted and would require investment out of all proportion to the job at hand.

not going to worry about it though, just my 2 cents. :wink:
Two, dreadnoguhts, that's a hell of a lot of firepower for raiders, not to mention the load of flighters they will be aible to deploy. And yes it will probably be used as a mobile base for operations, sine all their "larger" ships are like that. :mrgreen:
Does it really make sense?

- No, not as such...

Does it sound cool?

- Yes, definitely!

I´m curious to see the miniature - I guess that names like "hunchback" or "Quasimodo", or even just "the creature/monster/construct" would be fitting for a ship made out of two Novas. or "hydra" because of the several heads/front sections?

Could be fun, that one! :D
Actually, Prelude, I expect if they were bolted face-to-face, you'd be able to turn on one engine or the other and gain something resembling Super Maneouverable, at a really low speed, like 4. The broadside would be hideous ... against hull 5 ships.

And, I guess, that's the point. So the Raiders get such a thing. So what? It's slower than dirt, of limited range, and probably at Battle or War level. Not exactly terrifying. It's not even as nasty as one Primus. The Primus would carve it apart. If its slower than a Nova, it'd be speed 4 and just betting for that -2 or -4 speed crit to make it an irrelevant ship. And even if it gets to the Primus, it'd get ... what, 8 hits or so? The interceptors will turn that down to about 4 hits for say, 3:3 and a crit? That's my payoff? Big whoop.

The Raiders need something, and, help me, this is just a start. They'll need a lot more than that -- something actually cool at Skirmish level would be a start, that Strike Carrier doesnt' qualify at all! -- to finally make a fleet out of it, because now, it's wreckage-in-waiting. Allies or not.
To be fair, after the Minbari war, it's not like there were a shortage of derelict Novas to go around......
Your forgetting the ultimate weapon of the Strike carrier!

Get to point blank range and explode! Your enemy will even help you with this. On a good day you can seriously damage two or three ships, which is pretty good going for a strike carrier!