Ragged Edge / Cold Equations

I noticed in the RPG Bundle thread a few people who had just finished CE and were about to start on RE. Can those who have finished CE give point out any rough spots they had? I'll be starting it tonight.
Well, I've been reading Ragged Edge to continue my campaign and I'm trying to figure whay it assumes my players are level 3 in the second chapter when they don't get enough XP to go from 2 to 3 in chapter 1. anyway.
I had some rough spots with them being wanted by security, they had to get mollari to bail them out.
also read through the details of the shuttle ride completely and take notes...the setup doesn't really tell you what everyone's (NPC) status is at the beginning of the ride and it would have been nice to do so.

Chernobyl said:
Well, I've been reading Ragged Edge to continue my campaign and I'm trying to figure whay it assumes my players are level 3 in the second chapter when they don't get enough XP to go from 2 to 3 in chapter 1. anyway.

I generally assumed that the characters go up one level per adventure in Ragged Edge. Either give them lots of roleplaying bonuses to push them over the top, or else run side adventures.
Or like me you can offer extra XP (and influence) for writing reports to their governments/corporations/family regarding what they are doing between sessions, as well as offering 100 to 400 Xp for roleplaying each session.

This is seeing my characters keep pace with what was expected in the storyline. The cold equation has RPG award listed, but I have not seen it in the Ragged Edge yet.

I expect them to be mostly through the 2nd adventure in a few nights.

I recommend any GM to read through the rules on Solo Piloting carefully before running the space combat section. I had read through them, yet on the night I got it soo wrong.

Also check the threads here because they have a few good options for damage degridation which would be good to try out for your camapigns at this point as without it, the combat aspect of the first space combat requires teamwork (combined barrage from formed wing) to overpower anythings armour.

My group was shooting and doing nothing, while the enemy did the same.

This session I will restart the space combat (trying not to spoil it for players by saying how) and see how they go with the rules used correctly and with armour being damaged with multiple hits.
After reading the Guide to the Station books I decided that the 2000cr suggested ASI pay in the Ragged Edge would not cut it. According to the Guide EA minimum wage is 8cr an hour which is equal to 1280cr for full time workers per month....Add the cost of living quarters found in the Guide and add lifestyle costs and the characters would hardly be living above poverty level...I think ASI can do better than that.

This has led me to change the pay scale to 5,000cr per month not including bonuses for especially dangerous and important missions such as "War of the Queens" which we are hip deep in right now.
My game is going well, just completed the second adventure in the book and they are doing well.


btw - this book is helping to learn the rules, even if I had to run space combat twice to understand it ;)
Finally got to start last night. Things went faster than I expected so we ended a littl early because I hadn't read far enough ahead, but it was a good session.


The biggest todo was with "Panic." When Kate runs for the exit people make some knowledge (spacecraft) checks and get low numbers. the party's soldier knows that the doors can be locked but doesn't know if it's automatic, so he tries to stop her. Du'Stal also tries to stop her. He succeeds in dropping but not killing her. Al (Kate's dad) makes a suicide charge against Du'Stal trying to stop him and dies as well. Lots of people are flying all over the place because of the zero gravity, except for Balthus and Decatur, who are smart enough to brace themselves.

Balthus takes the opportunity to try to kill Du'Stal, who he shouts is in a Narn rage and will kill everyone. The party basically hangs back and lets them fight, partially because only the officer has any weapons. The pilot tries to end the fight by putting the shuttle into a spin and then stoping the spin. He manages to disrupt the Narn / centauri death match momentarily, but neither trusts the other not to kill him if he stops fighting. In the end Du'Stal falls to a PPG blast and the fight ends. The officer runs around to stabilize people, and only Al is dead.

Shortly thereafter they reach B5. They went through explosion in Thorn's office and stayed around. Thorn questioned them and they gave the info over in a heartbeat, so he's headed to the documents while Mollari comes in to help them. They mentioned while the camera was on that they were on an ambassadorial mission to Mollari, and one of his agents inside security heard it.

We ended there.