Racial Feats for Conan


A precedent for racially exclusive feats is already set in Conan (Akbitanan Smith, Zingaran Surprise), so here are some more... Feats that are not necessarily common to all members of the race, but rather fit certain archetypes within it.

Nordheimir Axehurler (General)
You gain the ability to hurl axes more effectively.
Prerequisite: Must be a Nordheimir, Str 15+
Benefit: You gain the ability to hurl all light and one-handed axes, ignoring the first range increment (weapons without a range increment gain a range increment of 10 feet). You deal twice your Strength modifier to damage when hurling your axes.

Zamorian Reveler (General)
You are more active at night.
Prerequisite: Must be Zamorian, must be taken at 1st level
Benefit: You gain a +1 competence bonus to attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks made after the sun goes down.
Special: This ability only functions above ground, when the character can verify that it is night out.
I'm hoping there might be more racial feats in The Road of Kings, that would be cool.

I like both your ideas here, but wouldn't allow double Str mod for Axe Hurler, but perhaps some form of Quick Draw and double range combo. I might make Quick Draw a prerequisite IMC, and allow a minimum of 20ft as the range increment for all the listed axes.

When it comes to the Zamorian Reveler I just love the name, but not what you get out of it. It seems very powerful and potentially disrupting, as a player with that feat will want his character up at night, when the others most likely want to be active during the day. I will have make up a feat around that name though, it rocks! :D