Quick report following Gamefest Milwaukee


Well, I finally got my chance to run a Conan game. Basic adventure of a group of highwaymen attacking a caravan and getting into the politics of the time. I thought it went great. Combat moved quickly(being a Con one tries to incorporate at least one combat to get people a feel for it). The group I ran for really enjoyed the system(to the point of another GM who sat in will probably be picking up the main book, he is a REH and HP Lovecraft Fan who really liked the flavor). There were no complaints and no real problems with confusion. All but one of the players had played D20 games. The other player really enjoyed the system and found it quite easy to get into. Thanks to all at Mongoose for creating such a wonderful system. Next I will incorporate the magics of the time(I picked up Scrolls of Skelos while there). Now it is time to start work for the next Gamefest which will be in the Richmond Virginia Area in September.