Quick question about B5 RP edition etc


Heya guys, sorry if this comes across as a stupid question, but I just gotta check before I buy it that the current main rules for this game aren't changing any time soon. I only ask because I've just started reading this forum and I'm a bit confused about the occasional mention of '2nd edition' and the 'new rulebook,' I'd hate to buy the main rules now only for a new one to come out in six months or something! I've tried to figure it out meself by checking on releases and searching the forum but I ain't the brightest bulb in the pack heh :0P
Yes, there is a second edition coming out. I don't know if they've announced the release date yet, but I would expect it to be in the first half of next year.

You might want to check out the Pocket Player's Handbook (http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/rpg/detail.php?qsID=743&qsSeries=11) since it's relatively cheap and will get you into the game now. I also wouldn't be surprised if some retailers don't start selling their 1E books cheap in anticipation of the upcoming release.
Thanks a lot Morden, you're a star, I think I can hang on quite happily for the next release. It's a safe bet that the current race fact books and such will probably be compatible with the 2nd edition isn't it? Because I wouldn't mind getting me hands on some of them in the meantime.
I believe that Matt (or others) have posted here that all the current B5 books can be used with the 2nd ed :D ; there will be conversion rules in the new rulebook as well for any changes in the stats.

Hey Rambo,

Msprange (coowner of Mongoose) has stated that the 2E will keep as many of the supplements as possible as compatible as possible.

There are currently 3 versions of the rulebook in print:

1) Hardback first printing
2) Hardback 2nd priniting, corrections and changes from the 1st printing, identified by a statement on the inside front page about being the second priniting.
3) The pocket edition, a cheaper paperback version, using the 2nd printing tect, but lacking most of then pictures, making it more compact.

If you want to buy a rulebook now, I suggest you get the Pocket Edition to tide you over, it has all the main rules as they stand until 2E comes out.

That's what I'd do anyway, unless you want to just leave it until the 2nd edition comes out.

Welcome to the game.

Ahhhhhhhh, that's smashing Traveller and LBH, cheers lads, much appreciated. I really wanna get a feel for the game now so yeah, sounds like the pocket edition is the way to go :0) Think I'll treat meself to the League fact book for now too, always loved them guys heh. Me gaming mates have had some... pfft... let's say odd characters in their DnD games the last three years while I've been away at university, I'm half dreading/half looking forward to the telepathic Gaim rangers or whatever they'll end up trying to make *rolls eyes*

I can't say anything I s'pose... I used to run a half-dragon halfling psionicist/rogue...
Actually Rambo one thing you could do is use the Earthforce Campaign Book (whenever it's supposed to be out, I lost track) and tell em all that you're doing an Earthforce game. That'll cut a lot of the garbage out.

Telepathic half Gaim, half Vree? He's a spy and is arrested
Pak'ma'ra Ranger? if you start early enough, what's a Ranger?

It's something to consider at least.
Lone Stranger makes a good point, it is pretty easy to limit their options in such a fashion :twisted:

"It's good to be the GM"