Questions for Mongoose

Regarding the JoTAS, I'm going to toss out that I'd love for the Journal to come out regularly -- quarterly would be nice -- and have the option of buying a subscription with a discount over buying each issue separately. I'd prefer that to the six issue batches you've produced in the past.

I suppose it would be nicer if we had the print or PDF options we have now.

I suspect that you'd have no problem getting submissions.
Any chance you could get the rpg licensee for Rebel Moon?
Having now watched it through twice i think it would make an interesting setting for a Traveller game.
A scout service book would be fun, though there are several already out there. Leaves me torn between wanting an updated version and wanting them to cover something that hasn't been done in detail before, like the Imperial Marines.

Though I prefer my Marines to be more like the British Marines and I know Traveller's Marines are officially like the American Marines. Meaning IMTU all the Marines are officially commando infantry. Whereas they are a full mini army with tanks, artillery, supply train, aircraft, and their own space ships in Traveller.

But even with that, an Imperial Marine book with the kind of art support that the Imperial Navy got would be cool.