Question regarding Second Age Dorastor


I know there are a ton of people much more knowledgeable on Gloranthan history than I, so please tell me what is happening in Dorastor in the Second Age-Third Age Dorastor was the site of one our most enjoyable campaigns back in the RQII/III days, and I'd like to think that I get to inflict Ralzakark on some Glorantha newcomers in the near future! :twisted:
Dorastor was ruined by the fight of Nysalor/Arkat/Gbaji in 450 S.T.

The Poisonthorn Elves remained intact right from there to now.

Somewhen an expedition of a scholar from Ralios went there but never returned.

In the eighth century Talastali barbarian priest flew over Dorastor.
In 824 a Tarshite EWF worshipper and his companions got there to recover samples of ash and water.
They returned with reports of earthquakes, moving shades etc.

Around 850 the Telmori moved in from Fronela.

Shortly afterwards Ralzakark and his broos (re)entered Dorastor to live there.

In 857 two Talastali heroes entered Dorastor, and got out as Draugrs!

The next mention is that around 1100 broo raiders started to appear in Talastar.

That means for the NOW (year 908 S.T.) of the new RQs:
Poithonthorn Elves, Telmori, and broos are present, along with unnatural chaos and strange movings of shadows, the earth izself etc.

I don´t see Dorastor as a good place for adventures in that period, except you want to kill you characters or drive them mad.

Hope that helps


Osentalka said:
I don´t see Dorastor as a good place for adventures in that period, except you want to kill you characters or drive them mad.
Remind me how that's any different to Third Age Dorastor? :)

To expand on Osentalka's post, the main differences in the Second Age can be summed up as:

Obviously, there are no Lunars, no Lunar trade caravan and no Lunar forts. The Riskland Orlanthi settlements don't exist either.

There are no Greyskins, and no Mad Sultan.

The only Aldryami settlement is the Poisonthorn Elves. There are no Hellwood Elves yet.

The Telmori are newly settled in the land. They're still friends with the Poisonthorn Elves at this stage; later they will quarrel and fight.

Ralzakark is newly arrived in Dorastor, and is still establishing his power. He fought a war with the Elves at some stage and burned part of their forest. Note that so far, Ralzakark is unknown outside Dorastor - it's not until 1104 that he leads the first Chaos invasion of surrounding lands.

In general, Dorastor is less populated than in the Third Age, and largely a mystery to the surrounding peoples. It's regarded as a cursed, dead land - except for the travellers' tales that things are stirring back to life there...
Dorastor doesn't grab me as a great Second Age adventure location -- it's too isolated. As said previosly, Dorastor has been blasted and scoured by the Gbaji wars, and is still recovering.

The theme of the Second Age is Empire, and unlike the Third Age, you have civilizations that span the entire lozenge.

I am hoping that MRQ:TSA is more than just a chaos bash -- there's plenty of that to do in the Third Age already. (Ugh, I just rememberd the name of their first 'module' the non-Gloranthan Runes of Chaos.)

That said, I imagine it would be fairly easy to adapt the information from Dorastor:Land of Doom and Lords of Terror to a MRQ campaign, set in the Third Age if you want to.