Question on Downloads


I plan to run a Tower of the Elephant scenario as an intro game for a couple of my players who are unfamiliar with the Hyborian Age. Also as an intro into the rules for me since I've never played any d20 games. So, I need stats for young Conan, Taurus, and Yara. Are plans to make any of these characters availbale as downloads before their respective books come out? Or do I just need to buck up and do the work myself? :cry: I'm doubtful that Taurus and Yara will be available but seems like Paul possibly mentioned Conan the Thief?

This is a nice site which includes the Tower of the Elephant scenario:

although I think all of the stats are standard D&D d20.

Thanks. Actually, I've already printed that stuff out as well as the relevant stats from Vincent Darlage's website. They will be a good starting point.

So now is a good time to make up some stats and post them here.

I ran that particular scenario during the playtesting for Conan and it seemed to go quite well.

Let us know how yours goes.