Question: Hyboria's Fiercest

Tim Mercado

This question is reguarding Cimmerian's of the Barbarian class. A quote of page 12, the first sentance of the first paragraph, states:

"According to Queen of the Black Coast by Howard, the Fighting-Madness feat is a racial trait of the Cimmerians."

Does this mean that all Cimmerians now recieve this at first level reguardless of class? I imagine it does, just would like to know the official answer. Also, in conjunction with the second level Barbarian ability Crimson mist, would this mean that a level two Barbarian could in fact enter this (Fighting-Madness state) twice a day as he has both as an extraordinary ability? I'm really not a rules lawyer.....just wondering as the last "true" roleplaying I did was cyberpunk; I only had a small amount of reading experience (no actual gameplay) with DnD D20 or 3E or whatever...I'm experiencing a bit of a learning curve. Thanks alot for any help.

Cheers, Tim
It's not official, but I don't think that a race gets a free feat on the fly. It means imho that Cimmerians take usually Fighting Madness at early levels.

Besides the context indicates not official rules, but character building suggestions.

My two cents.