Question from Hyboria's Fallen


I noticed that both "Double Adjustment" and "Feint and Lunge" combat maneouvers have no circumstance listed like all the other maneouvers do.

I can deduce that for "Double Adjustment" it's probably "Must be dodging", but what's should it be for the other one? Or is the omition intentional so that "Feint and Lunge" can be used all the time as long as you meet the prerequisites?


Good questions.

Well, Leaping Charge from the core rules does not have a Circumstance catagory, either. Obviously one must be charging to use it, though.

Feint and Lunge must be done when carrying out a full attack action. No other circumstance need apply. It cannot be done if a full attack action cannot be taken.

Double Adjustment also really does not have a circumstance - it just replaces the five foot step if the character has the pre-reqs. It adds some value to having the Acrobatic feat.