Question for the VTT folks


I run my 2e game on Roll20 and now that we've gotten things sort of established (12 sessions in), I'd like to expend a little effort on making the visuals a bit nicer. Does anyone have any recommendations for tokens or map art for making things like deck plans, landing bays in a starport, space cantinas, the surface of an alien planet, etc.? Ideally, they would be relatively modular so I could re-use and customize things. I'm reasonable with GIMP for making graphics, but I'm no artist and can't draw for squat.


Banded Mongoose
Token Tool from works wonders for tokens. They have a tool called MapTool as well, but I haven't played with it.

For maps and deck plans, I generally use Campaign Cartographer 3 with the Cosmographer plugin. I absolutely love the results (see link below for my version of the Harrier -- PDF but can be exported as PNG), but CC3 is not cheap and has a very steep learning curve. (zoom in for maximum detail)

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Banded Mongoose
For tokens, there is a great online token creator that I use for my VTT tokens. You just drop in your image, customize it with given options and it's done. Here's the address:

For maps, I just do google image searches. There are a ton of maps for VTTs already floating around. However, I mostly do theater of mind and use maps only as a last resort and/or for complex battles. For the most part I only use mood setting background images. It's a matter of play style, of course, but I've found that having a map easily locks players into "boardgame mode", where they act like they are moving pieces on a board, which IMHO detracts from the roleplaying experience. YMMV, naturally.

If you really want to draw your own maps, there are several dungeon mappers online which can be used for sci-fi as well. They are bare-bones, but have served me well enough. Just google e.g."dungeon mapper" and you'll find several. I generally don't want to spend hours doing maps, I like to use that time prepping the game in other ways. And as my players do not expect eye candy from battle maps (thankfully), those simple dungeon mappers are what I use if I need a battle map if I don't find a suitable ready-made one from the Net.

PS. The character sheets for Traveller on Roll20 are in dire need re-doing, they are quite primitive. They will do in a pinch, sure, but it would be glorious if someone would re-work them into something more modern and easier on the eyes. I have no coding skills, so I can't do it, sadly.