Question for August Hahn and the staff of Mongoose


First of all, thanks for creating such a wonderful roleplaying game and staying as close as you can to the original books. I have all three books published so far, and look forward to running some players through Bad Moon Rising. Here are my questions:

1. After reading The Darklands books, I am a little confused how the Darklands Overlord characters/avatars towards the back of the book would come into play in a an adventure or campaign. They all seem really powerful. What kind of appearance would one make and how much "screen" time should they have when they do appear?

2. There are a lot of useful tables in the main book, but they are scattered all around. Is there going to be a game masters screen?
1)If your are talking about combat, the darklords as they are are meant to be fought either with the sommerswerd, and/or a party of level 16+ heros. At higher levels many heros recieve some extrememly powerful abilitites that, when used in tandem, can crush any darklord.

2)No screen. However, the rules are simple and you will have grasped them after only 2-3 sessions of play. Just make sure you keep up-to-date on all the abilities/spells your players recieve every level, else you will be in for a nasty surprise when a player pulls of something you did not even know about. i.e.

(You the narrator:The dagger of vashna weilded by darklord khatellu plunges into your breast and your sould, killing you instantly.
Player playing kai lord with Nexus 5: No. :twisted:
You the narrator: :shock: )