Question about Judges

Do Judges have personal lives? Or do they spend all their time working?
I cant find an answer to this at all. The only thing that came close was in the movie where Hershey tells Dredd that she still has a personal life.
In Helter Skelter, someone accuses Dredd of the judges being an elite class. He explains that a judge works a 14 hour day on the streets, getting a few minutes in the sleep machine, and spends the rest of the time doing paperwork... all for no pay. Also, judges are often required to pull double shifts is dangerous times.

Pretty much I consider being a judge to be a lifestyle choice, and not a job.

Psi Judges are a little different and have special allowances made due to their rare and valuable talents.

I'm not sure its a lifestyle choice... they go in at the age of 5... they are more like Jannisaries (sp?): trained their whole lives to be judges. That, not too surprisingly, would be what they would want to do.
Well, yeah, they are pushed into it, but my point was to show the difference between a normal job, and a lifestyle. I guess I should have left the word choice from the end.

They live for the "job" and have nothing beyond it, which is how the whole story "2%" (Megazine 225) came into play.

Yeah, Judges basically get up, shower, dress and eat, have morning briefings and then hit the streets for most of the day. Then it's back to Sector house to stock up on ammo, grab a snack, grab ten minutes in the sleep machine and then head back out on the streets.

What a great life... :shock:
IIRC, most of the senior Judges have their own homes. At least in comics both Dredd and Anderson have private homes. (Dredd does even have his housekeeper Maria and Wobot sewvant Waltew living there). Also, i think that somewhere in comics it is mentioned that Judges should get certain amount on natutral sleep every week, and they also have some mandatory free time that they have to take...[/b]
Also Judge DeMarco actually quit without taking the long walk. Essentially theres seems to be a sense of pragmatism regarding Judges and 'normal life'.

However its more likely that a judge who was inclined towards a civilian life would likely either not have graduated (and as such either left - see failed cadet or work at the Halls of Justice). Most judges choose either to tutor or take the Long Walk when they retire, but theres no reason why this should be assumed to apply to everyone (inc Judges who did 20 years on Titan - sooner or later they have to come home).

However I'd expect all of those who remained in the city to be part of the Justice Dept in one way or another

Of course a Judge who retires to spend his time among the old at Ronny Raygun block is a tap gangs worst nightmare
A judge should have no personal life (forget the blinking film!).

Even in the rare times when they are not on active duty, they are Judges 24/7. Senior Judges have an apartment in a normal block, though they wouldnt use this constantly. Most nights they would just use the Sector house sleep machines, with a mandatory "real" sleep every week or so. As the years progressed, this aspect of the strip was reduced - you could justify it as the result of the Apocalypse War and various other disasters, meaning all Judges were needed on the streets, and less "time off" was given to Judges. Its been reintroduced in later years, and again you can see this as a response by more progressive Chief Judges like Volt and Hershey to reconnect the Justice Dept with the citizenry. An example of this is the fact that a Senior Judge is required to attend Block council meetings on occasion. another element that has been toned down is Justice Depts attitude to extra Judicial liaisons - In the past, being caught with your pants down would be instant dismissal, but with Judge numbers still low, a good Judge can survive a scandal, albeit with a giant blot on their record. Alternatively, Justice dept will try to find auxillary posts to good Judges who just cant hack the "no personal life" code that is still the core of a Judges life
Also, Judge Giant was not brainwashed during the era of Cal because he was on vacation.
Of course, this happened before War of Apocalypse...
Almost the entire auxillary and support of Justice Department is made up of those who have undergone the training of a Judge, but failed to graduate (failed their 'Full Eagle').

During the Judgement Day incursions, they too were in the battle for Mega City 1 (along with Rookies, Trainers etc).
I think as a whole Judges dont have what we would call a personnel life, because as said here the hours they do, but I think its practical to assume they do partake in legal passtimes when they are 'offduty'. Judge dredd is an exception really, his commitment to the law is legendary.
But I agree forget the film completely......grrr :evil:
they work for 8 hours, then sleep for 8 and work again for 8 (from the rookies guide to Justice Department / JDRPG)

the "sleep period" is their time off. if they want to sleep only 4 hours they have 4 hours for anything they like. but i don't think most of them would use this "spare time" for anything else than train, do the paperwork or sleep

think they miss a lot :)