question about feats's rules


Hello, first excuse me for my english i'm french and i'm not in good terms with this language :cry:
My question seems to be ridiculous but the rules are not clear about it :
how many feat(s) can a player choose for his initial character ???
Some of classes has some feat(s) in their class feature but it's fixed feat(s) and the player may choose feat(s) in addition.
It's here that i doubt : in the rules page 102 the text is : "All characters within Conan the Roleplaying Game will select at least one feat at 1st level and more as they rise in levels.
Why does it means ? The rule is the same thant in DD3.5 : one feat at level one plus the classe's feat in the features class ?
Or in addition to the class feat we can choose more than one feat ?
It's not clear because nowhere i find the number of initila feat.
Furthermore because of the heroic context of conan i can suppose that players can have more than one feat to choose during the creation of thier character (like the increase of abilities scores when the character gain levels; in the same spirit...)
Thanks for your answer.
Every character gets one feat at first level, then depending on their class they may get another. For example nobles and pirates don't get any extra feats but they do gain class features. As another example a soldier gets a fairly free choice of feats at first level.

So one feat for being Level 1 and then possibly more feats depending on the class. Hence "all characters within Conan the Roleplaying Game will select at least one feat at 1st level."

Hope that helps.
But don´t forget to count the bonus feat you gain at 1st level, 5th and 10th if you chose a favored class.
In that case, for example a zingarian soldier, gets, one 1st level feat, one soldier bonus feat, and one favored class bonus feat, so he ends up with 3 feats at 1st level.
Good luck