question about armageddon and campaigns


I was wondering about the impact of the new PL ships on campaigns. As it stands, getting more than one war choice into a campaign (at least at the outset) can be daunting. I imagine including an Armageddon level ship would be even more restrictive.

So, is the idea that these ships would only be brought in as later reinforcements? Or that they would primarily be used in one-off scenarios?

We're just starting a campaign, and 2 players have bought Armageddon ships. A Shadow Ship and a Victory.
we are mid campaign, but these ships will be phased in as available in a few weeks, existing shadow and vorlon ships will retain their current PL and stats though, as I suspect will Nomads warlock. Buying an Armageddon ship is going to be a bit expensive to say the least.
Nomads warlock

You betcha! Merlin's the highest-scoring ship in the fleet - think I want to halve her availibility?

More of a dilemma over Warspite and Tiger - my two Sagittarii - but if I'm keeping an SFoS Warlock, using the (pure camembert) new Sag stats would seem a bit gamesey.

I'll probably try to get away with the upgraded Omegas, tho. 8)