query re Armageddon 2089 - suitable for alternate timelines?


Hi all - I'm interested in developing a setting based on 21st-century-future-war, but I don't find the USA vs EF setting very plausible, mostly because I can't see the EU militarily challenging the USA within the next century. I'm pretty politicall-minded myself and I like world-building (or trashing, in this case). Some ideas I have include an internal US civil war between 'right' (religious fundamentalists & the military-industrial complex) and 'left' (Democrats, libertarians etc), combined with an emergent Chinese superpower and a militarist-aggressive Russia, with the EU remaining largely passive until its eastern-European territories on the Russian border are threatened. I was wondering how suitable A2089 is as a 'generic' "near future war" rulesbook? How tied is it to the prescribed setting?
The main book and the technology supplements should work well that way. The "Earth: 2089" book is almost completely background material, but I'd still recommend getting it to fill in any areas you don't want to have to design yourself.