Q. about: Book of Strongholds & Dynasties

Hello there

Interested in letting my players start building their own city and the book of Strongholds & Dynasties seem to be a sourcebook that could be very helpful here.

So I was wondering:

Is the price (in coins) for building a farmhouse to a castle included in this book?

Is the resources (bricks, lumber etc) needed to build such included?

What about manhours to build?

Thanks for any answer. Will really appreciate it
The prices for a whole range of buildings are included, from simple log cabins, longhouses and stone cottages to Frotifies Manors to Keeps.

It also has more fantastic elements (tree houses, traps, magical defences).

Costs are broken down into costs of labour and costs for materials.

The book also includes sections on resources, power structuer (ie: senior jobs running the place) and ideas to cover running the fortress.

There are guidelines as to how long building things can take in the way of a maximum amount you can spend in a week on labour (eg: a civic building costs 3000gp in labour and you can spend a maximum of 300gp in any given week, so the quickest you can build it is in 10 weeks.

Hope that is enough for you to go on.