Purchase Choice


Banded Mongoose
So I am going to buy roughly 100$ worth of stuff; I've narrowed the choice between these two combinations; what do you think I should go for? I am not too concerned about arguments of which are effective.

1. 25 Warriors, 9 Ripplers, and 6 Hoppers

2. 21 Blister Bugs, and 6 Hoppers

This is what I have already:
(Note: I usually use my Guard Bugs as Warriors so if I buy 25 I will have an even 100, I also have a spare unbuilt Rippler which means with 9 Ripplers I will get 10, bringing the total to 20.)

180 Total Arachnids
60 Warrior Bugs
15 Guard Bugs
30 Fire Frys
30 Cliff Mites
8 Blister/Blaster Bugs
6 Hopper Bugs
10 Rippler Bugs
5 Spider Bugs
3 Mantis Hunter Bugs
2 Mantis Assassin Bugs
2 Burrower Bugs
2 Tanker Bugs
1 Mantis Tanker Bug
1 Crab King Tanker Bug
1 Plasma Bug
3 Brain Bugs
1 Queen Bug
Unless you want to fill the air with Hopper and Rippler Bugs, I'd go with the Blister/Blasters and Hoppers. With 29 Blister/Blasters you have more than enough to do both types in multiple squads.

If you want more warriors later, just by a box game set and sell off the MI if you don't want them.

If I had your list for myself I'd suggest a third option.

3) 9 Ripplers, 15 Blister/Blasters, 6 Hoppers

60-75 Warriors is more than enough, unless you're looking to do an all Warrior Swarm in a big game.
hmmm interesting- though i should point out the general goals of my army collecting...

1. Even numbers are important! (mmmm ocd)

2. I like/want more and more warriors for the sake of larger games, a life goal of mine is to have 1000 Warrior bugs...

3. I definately feel that 6 Hoppers just isn't enough for those much larger games... but I also think it would be nice to have a force of Blisters mostly for displaying in those larger games, which means a large quantity... and the 8 Blisters in that list are special modded proxy bugs... so they don't count

so really I would be buying 20, which is a bit lacking... I'm trying to get each 'asset' species up to 30. Also filling the air is appealing.

You guys raise good points, I will take a look at that third option (notably the warrior purchase is via a box set, the net value of those MI is only 5$ extra... somehow I'm okay with not selling them lol)
How about option 4

24 Hopper Bugs = roughly 100 dollars for me.

+6 existing = 30... My magic number (30 Cliff Mites, 30 Fire Fries, etc.)

30 Hoppers = 1500 Points...

If you have thirty each it would fit a theme, it could be the swarms they are bred in. 30 hoppers, that is a lot of flyers, nasty. That could work.