Published Glorantha fiction?


I last played in a Gloranthan campaign many years ago.

With such a rich setting, what's out there in the way of fiction, fan or professionally published?

I'm particularly after anything which would give new players an 'in' to the setting. None of my current group played RQ in its earlier incarnations.
Pdfs of the for third age Glorantha are available from Driv thru but use Heroquest mechanics, but a couple are pretty useful for the background text especially if you go with a third age setting instead of 2nd (not really fiction but contain a few myths for the setting):
Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars
Storm Tribe
Thunder Rebels

For general snippets of lore and stuff
Is a good starting point (and its free), theres a link to a stories section.

Hope this helps
Issaries also produced Oliver Dickinson's Collected Griselda - Third Age stuff in Pavis and the Big Rubble (unlike the glory that is second age Pavis) but definitely Runequest fiction rather than Heroquest :wink: Many of the stories first appeared in White Dwarf back in the day... is the site to check for the Penelope Love book (which I loved) and the Paths of the Damned (a Glorathan comic book). They also sell back issues of Tradetalk and Tales of the Reaching Moon - professional-quality Gloranthan "fanzines" - both of which contain the occasional piece of fiction. Again Third Age.

And for the hardcore you could try and pick up Greg Stafford's King of Sartar on ebay or the like, which tells you exactly what happens in the Hero Wars at the end of the Third Age - from the point of view of the victor's descendants, so it's obviously all true!

Ye Book of Tentacles
(also available from has some fiction in them - YBoT 3, I think, has a whole load of pieces from a Gloranthan short story colection that never saw the light of day.

Online mything links is a great place to start from as is Some of my favourite pieces (all good Orlanthi stuff) are by John Hughes and can be found on his Questlines site

I'm still reading the Companion, Runes of Chaos and Ralios pdf but if I get a chance later I'll check my books for any more recomendations (and decide whether I want to put my spare copy of KoS on ebay now that the RuneQuest renaissance is on us. Again...)
There is also 'Gloranthan Visions. Insights into Glorantha' ISBN 1-929052-08-1.

It has stories from Phyllis Ann Karr, John Boyle, Oliver Dickinson and Greg Stafford.

It was available in the old Hero Wars box set but has been handed out as prize support at several conventions including the up and coming Furnace in Sheffield at the end of October.
Greg Stafford has also been comissioned by the Friends of Glorantha to write Gloranthan fiction. He is currently working on Harmast's Saga, which the plan is to get published with a professional publishing house.