Psi Judge

What Miniatures would you like to see in Gangs of Mega-City One

  • Character Models of famous Judges

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  • Character Models of famous Perps

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  • Multi-pose plastic Judges

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  • Kleggs

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  • Zombies

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  • Gila Munja

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  • Brit-Cit Judges

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  • Sov-Block Judges

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Dredd Times

Here are a few pictures of the upcoming Psi Judge for Gangs of Mega-City One. Psi Judges can be brought in to bolster your normal judge cadres and are every bit as leathal as their street counterparts. Please forgive the quality of the images, they don't do either the miniature or the paint job justice (no pun intended)




Coming next Cadet Judge.

So hard to decide as all of them would be welcome but multi-pose plastic Judges have my vote. And the rest later on! :lol:
For my mind, some general citizens would be useful - some eldsters to scare, some simps, blobs and uglies strutting their stuff on the tween block plaza, fatties trundling around and other innocent bystander types to add some interest to the proceedings! Some community spirit filled Citi-Def who could decide to take the law into their own hands would be nice as well...
It's a hard choice, but since I figured that most people would vote for multi-pose judges and more perps/juves, I went with the Sov-Block judges. I don't want these more than the others, but don't want them to be left out either.

I love the images of the Psi Judge... but it really looks like she is dancing :) Normally I think of Psi judges either holding their head in concentration, stretching an arm out to focus, or placing their hands on something. This is an unual pose... but not an unwelcome one :)

Although its not on the list, my vote would have been for generic citizens and droids to get in the way, act as hostages and riot.
I agree, unarmed bystanders in typically strange Mega City 1 fashions would be good. Would spice up Judges vs Perps games if the Judges had to hold their fire because of innocent citizens in the way. A set a plastic citizens would be nice, so you could populate the game cheaply. I suppose you could just disarm some gangers though.
Yep, if you don't give the perps arms in the first place, they will be 'armless. Poor joke, but since the forums are so quiet today with everyone at the Open Day, I couldn't resist.

It's been said previously that the Judges nearly always win in a judges vs. perps game, but I like the idea of adding citizen obstacles. It gives the chance for perps to take hostages, and judges to need to reign in their awesome firepower. Otherwise, a judge "gang" that picks up a lawmaster can just blow everything to smithereens.

Still, the current schedule looks exciting. I can't wait to see how far this game can go.

Looking at the new picture sof the gangs boxed set I think that you could turn a number of the gangers into regular citizens with only a few adjustments - there are baseball bats and empty hands in the box so we should be able to get a few cits in each set...
The best way to populate MC-1 is to buy a bunch of Heroclix thugs, henchmen, prostitutes, etc (these go cheap!), snap them off the clicky base and glue them onto a GW base. I did this with mage knight to populate my Heroquest dungeon with a variety of monsters and it worked well!

I plan to populate MC-1 quickly with HC cast-offs. :)
@BullBear - Heroclix does look like a reasonably cheap way of populating some background, but I though they were a larger scale and that they might look too big against 'official' Judges and perps.
Well, HC is weird. IIRC, they didn't seem to follow a very strict scale size within their own range. Compared to my GW minis (28mm) they're about the same size, but seemed a little 'thinner'. What scale is GMC-1?

If the scale is remotely close, I'll be using them as they're pre-painted (don't get excited about painting a city of norms) and very cheap. If it comes to it, I'll excuse their slight scale difference and poor paint jobs as them being 'unfocused' and in the background of the action. Make it a cinematic issue! :)
The size difference has come up before, but I really don't think it'll be that bad. Besides, you should be more concerned about the rocket launcher a perp has pointed at your head than about his height. Even short people can kill :wink:

I picked up a couple of Heroclix during the week and found that they just about fit in with the GW 'heroic 28mm' scale - a little large but not bad. Assuming the Gangs of MC-1 are about the same and they'll fit in just fine...
Yeah, I grabbed a grip as well. We've got a comic shop here selling 'em for $.25 apiece. Grab a whole lot that look like 'civies'. Also a few swat looking guys for whatever.
Surely theres a huge cry for more miniatures of famed villians.

Rather than purchasing them for your gang as permanent members prehaps they could operate like the Judges and be called in rather than facing a gang.

Obviously such figures could be used elsewhere as gang members for those not so inclined to use them as their perps, or maybe they could just be used as the specific individual in his early days.

I mean who wouldn't buy an Angel Gang, Ape Mafia or Dark Judges. Is there anyone who wouldn't want to bring in Chopper, Kleeggs (at the price of one of your boys per Klegg), Sabbats Zombie hordes or the infamous Judda.

No one is saying they have to be necessarily be used as the specific individual character. Hell I'd be just happy to have a Mean Machine Impersonator in my Gang!
I mean who wouldn't buy an Angel Gang, Ape Mafia or Dark Judges. Is there anyone who wouldn't want to bring in Chopper, Kleeggs (at the price of one of your boys per Klegg), Sabbats Zombie hordes or the infamous Judda.

Man, would i! Dark Judges, Angel Gangs, and Kleggs oh my!!!
Hmmm, some kind of system similar to freebooters in Blood Bowl, maybe? (for those not familiar with that, you spend a proportion of the cost it would be to hire that person permanently and get them for a single game only)
Yeah thats the idea - Though Dark Judge ally should run risks such as 'Judging the Closest' (bit harsh if thats your top dog!).

However could also be fun amendment to when the Judges are called in by a player - Rather than face the Judges, the Player could spend unspent credits/XP to bring send in the 'big boys' (such Dark Judges, Klegg, Gila Munja Assassins or Judda Clones)

Maybe at this point the other players might decide to back out of taking part due to the lethal odds, and as such get the chance of 'backing' either the law (more judges) or shouting for some additional 'Villians'.