Psi Handout

Fat Chelsea

haveing run B5 role-play for a few sessions now with a Teep player, not to mention a centauri "spoiled brat" agent (him and Mollari drunk and pantsless in a B5 cassino!!). could we have a Psi abilitys hand out so the psi player dose'nt have to nick my book every five min.

I'd stamp on the guy's munchkin tendancies instead :)

Rather than have him look up the next kewl thing for his filthy mindripper to do, just get him to tell you what he wants to try and do, and you just tell him to make any rolls applicable.

Make him role play not rule play.
Which is pretty easy in this case, the Psi COrps controls all telepathic knowledge and training, so you get to pick the options available to your PCs.

Related but different.

In the PsiCorps book on page 46 about Genetics, it mentions that most of the psi genes are on the Y chromosmes, and that the maternal side is more important.

But that doesn't make sense. Human females have XX while human males have XY. How can the maternal side be more important in giving the Y when only males have it. I figured that this is a typo and that it was supposed to read X was the most important side.

Can anybody clear this up.

(And yes, I KNOW that I did not need to post the question for me to answer the question, but I would like to make sure. I am careful like that when it comes to Babylon 5. :) )