Printer-Friendly Char Sheet, anyone?



Bloody Character sheet prints out having an ugly grey
background with some darker areas, effectively making
the sheet useless, as the smallest text cannot be read at all!

Scanning and image editing has not been of much use either.

I am so pissed off. :cry:

Has anyone made a better/more printer friendly one? :?:

Otherwise, the Conan RPG is marvelous, I´m going to ditch
the D&D 3e forever, because of Conan. This is really something
great, a game with an atmosphere as moody and dark as in
Stormbringer, but with a much more GM-friendly and thoroughly
playtested, well balanced system.

But please, would someone fix the char sheet soon?
I kinda agree about some of the stuff coming out...they are killers on the printers.

Do a search for the mini adventure on this forum called 'and the snow was red with their blood' or something like that. It has a link to the gentlemen's website where you can find MS Word char sheets which are excellent. (If the author is reading this - thank you for provinding both the char's and the adventure - I ran it today and went very well. I would, however, review your lack of sorcery areas on the sheets)

They are much more printer friendly...