Previous Experience "Events"

For a while now I've been drafting a previous experience events system. What I'm thinking is that, rather than skills coming from rigidly defined professions or occupations, skills could instead come from things that happened to the character, or things that the character did.

It's obviously impossible to list everything that can happen, so the events I'm thinking about would be stuff like "joining a cult", "culture change", "taking an apprenticeship", "going to prison", "seeing the world", and so on. The player can then fill in the specific detail about what happened. One event could happen per year of PE (not the norm for most regular folks I admit, but we are talking about extraordinary people here). For Traveller fans, I could even add in "dying". :)

I see this working 3 ways. Firstly, if the player has a very clear idea about the character's background, events can be selected that fit that background (with the GMs input, of course). Secondly, events can be rolled randomly and a background constructed from them (the order of events can be important here). A "something good happened"/"something bad happened" roll is also an idea here. Finally, a half and half approach could be taken.

Each event would have a pool of skill points, with some of those points going to specific skills and others providing a choice of skills. There would also be scope for an event to give magic or extra money, at the cost of a few skill points, of course. A few floating "free" skill points, to allow for specific player input, may also be desirable.
I'm working on something sorta-similar at the moment for modern settings, but focused on education where you can take college/uni courses.
If you come up with any good ideas, I hope you add them to the Runequest Modern - What do you know? thread.

There I'm working out what high school graduates come out with. It turns out that now, the year of graduation can have a sigificant effect on the skills acquired, especially Computer Operation.
I thinking of a couple of SCi-Fi games that do just that, as well as Paul Juaques HEROs series of play aids.

I've had a couple of Traveller and Mutant Chronicles character for who character generation proved to be the high point. :lol:

Just hope I don't get killed during character creation again. :wink: