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Feel free to yell at me if this is out of line, but...

21 old Paranoia items, including 19 sourcebooks and adventures just begging to be adapted to XP.
Well, less than a third are 'classic' modules and supplements - and the rest, well... the quality trails off in many areas during the never-happened Crash and the 5th Edition period. So, there are a few worth considering... unless you have them all already!

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It's a 256-page hardcover compilation of the best of the old West End line, updated to the new rules.

Now this will be cool, hopefully it'll have some Code 7's in (or whatever they will call them now more than 7 clones are allowed.

Charlie E/N[/url]
I just snagged mongooses Paranoia XP game and GM screen. My local shop has some of the older product line on hand. What if any of the old material would you recommend getting?

Personally, I'd recommend any of the older material that supported 1st Edition, though there are worthy 2nd Edition supplements and missions too:

# Vapors Don't Shoot Back
# The Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues
# Send In The Clones
# Acute Paranoia
# Alpha Complexities
# Clones In Space
# Orcbusters
# HIL Sector Blues
# The DOA Sector Travelogue

That would make for a reasonable starting point, if the shop has any of these available.