Preview of Age of Conan computer game

Yea, I've already come to terms with the fact that my computer can't run it. Humbug. But I liked the fact that it's a single player game for the first 20 levels, then you go multiplayer. It just seems novel to me.

Strom said:
I read the article - has the system specs come out for this game? Will it support Apple?

I'm a Mac owner and would love to see a version of Conan for it but I've got to admit that it's unlikely.

Go to and do a search for Apple or Mac and you'll see people discussing the issue. There doesn't appear to be an official "no" but there doesn't seem to be any mention of it by the developers.
From what I understand, the first 20 levels are single-player, and don't have a monthly fee. The rest of the game has a monthly fee.
20 levels? My, oh my. Sounds like you would basically need to quit your job to play this full time. OK. I am going to give notice tomorrow....