Presidential Guard Robot Gang


Hello Mongoose forumites!

While I wait for Citi-Def and the Sovs to get released I've been working on a Legion of the Damned force (from the last story in the Cursed Earth Saga). Anyone want to see it? I apologise in advance for the terrible lighting and picture quality, I don't have my camera with me I'm afraid and I've had to rely on my phone.

They're not quite as chunky as the comic I think. The bigger robots are meant to be "Berserkers", which are mentioned but don't seem to appear in the story. I'm still a little stuck on how to make General Blood 'n' Guts sadly. In the background you can see some of the Justice Department box set I got in the kickstarter :)

Robot Army!

Lazooka and Laser Sniper Team

First Wave: Robot Horde & Standard Bearer

Second Wave: Special Weapons & Heroes

It's hard to spot but a lot of these models have large bullet holes in them. Some have cuts and the berserker leader even has a large dagger sticking out of its head. I've tried to give every robot some battle damage, although some are in much better condition than others. Not all of the robots have heads yet - I'm waiting for a delivery of resin 'tox' heads. The other heads are Westwind, with half a dozen Mantic heads thrown in and some clipped up Necron heads for officers and veterans. This is a bits box project with bits from eight different manufacturers.

The current plan is to use these guys as Junk Robots and face them off against a combined Judge / Citi-Def force in a big game.

I'd love for official rules for using these though! The Legion in their début seem like junk robots by the time Dredd meets them, but they look to have extra armour and junk robots can't upgrade their armour. I'd also love to run some Battle of Armageddon type scenarios at my club!

While I'm suggesting things, could we get some rules for:
- Flame-throwers, because they're cool and why not.
- Grenade launchers, for the same reason.
- Sub-machine guns / spit carbines
- Emplaced weapons / weapon teams

A model for some kind of bipedal infantry robot (like the Land Raider crew, or the robots who accompany Citi-Def in Necropolis) would also be great, as would halfway rules between a servo robot and the combat robot for those expendable infantry bots.

Since I got a little carried away making these guys, I'm also really hoping further developments towards mass combat rules.


Splendid! When Spikes and Hammerstein (retconned into the Battle of Armageddon after the '95 movie, so there are bound to be a few Mk IIIs in that junk pile) show up all you need is a Tweak and you're all set.