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It seems like we're taking over this board. If this keeps up, Mongoose will have to make a Macho Women with Guns forum.

The problem with my MMWG characters, is that I've been wanting to change the rules so much, that they're not really compatible with the MMWG system. I haven't decided exactly what I want to do, but I plan to run more of a MMWG D&D than a MMWG D20 Modern.

For my proposed MMWG/Ravenloft crossover I had the following ideas:

Samurai Jane. Basically a female version of Samurai Jack -- she travelled the world to learn fighting techniques to fight demons with. However, she also got bitten by a radioactive werewolf. And sometimes she turns into a Ford Taurus. She has no idea why that is.

Mafia Enforcer. She is an enforcer for the Minnesota Mafia. Very polite, and she looks darn good in her black battle armor.

Texas Ranger. He is barely four feet tall, but has a Texas sized attitude (and a Texas-sized red mustache) and aims to show that a man can do anything as well as a woman can. One problem though. He's afraid of rabbits.

Frosted Chocolate Playboy Bunny. After the Dang, readership of Playboy Magazine dropped considerably. So the playmates went into the espionage business. Drawing on the arcane powers made available by the growing manna field, they developed 12 different arcane prestige classes. The January prestige class specializes in frost and cold spells, and this character came from Kenya.

And of course the Thai Stewardess. Trained to be polite and helpful, she has a battlesuit with the latest anti-terrorism technology. And of course, being an asian chick, she's an expert in the martial arts.

(We're not stereotyping, are we?)
I am attempting to create new cannon fodder for MWWG and thought I would run them past you.

My cannon fodder are:
Mad Cows.
Bovines infected with a mutated strain of mad cow disease. This disease increased the intelligence enough to instill an uncontrolled rage against the millennia of domination of cows by humankind (or should that be huwomankind?) “They’re mad as hell and they’re not going to take it any more.” They have developed crude hands for front hoofs and although they commonly move on four feet, they can rear up and use these hands for combat purposes.
Shooting the bull - Mad cows have a literal understanding of what BS is and are proficient at using it. When attacking at range, they will stand on their hind legs and throw cow patties at their targets. They have an unlimited supply of ammunition for this and it does 1d4 damage and 1d4 charisma loss to any target they hit. Also the character must make a constitution save or be stunned for 1 round, choking and gagging from the smell. Spending a turn wiping off the offensive matter will restore 1 charisma lost but the smell still remains.
Mad cows use there horns in melee attack which do 1d6 damage. They also have a +1 to defense, after all they are wearing leather.

Little devils that fly around being nuisances for macho women. They are based on the Cupid character but their main attack is a stinger in their tail that causes little damage but lots of pain (1d3 damage but forces the victim to make a will save dc 10 or be too distracted to act on their next round). They also attack by biting doing 1d6 damage with a bite.

Horny devils that have been unleashed by Satan to increase the amount of sinning in the world. They seem to have targeted Renegade Nuns but are not limited to them. They will first attack the character with the highest charisma, if more than one target is available. Incubi are based on the Bat Wing Bimbo occupation and are usually charismatic class. They advance by class.
Aura of horniness – When a player character moves within 30 feet of an incubus they must make a will save or suffer a -2 to attack rolls due to being “distracted”.
Domination – An incubus may attempt to make a PC fall in love with him It is similar to the Domination ability of Vampires but Incubi are limited to dominating only a number of PCs equal to the Incubus' Charisma bonus. If an incubus with a charisma score of 18, giving him a charisma bonus of 4, succeeds in dominating a 5th character, the first character dominated by the Incubus is released The DC of the will save for the character is d20 plus the Incubus’ seduce(bluff) bonus..
If you've watched all of the _Son of the Beach_ episodes, the character Firebush appears in two of them. The first time I saw her, I just knew I had to put her great-great granddaughter in my campaign.

Firebush is a Kahonie Indian, who almost always wears nothing more than moccasins and a buckskin bikini. A highly skilled warrior, she has great respect for Mother Earth and for her Indian ways, and any who would defile either must face her wrathful vengeance. She always conforms to the Indian stereotypes, regardless of whether they are appropriate (such as using her bow and arrow to shoot down a seagull for lunch, or attempting to put a tomahawk into the back of the man who's taken her out to a date in a Paris restaurant).

I'm not sure the best way to put her in game terms. In D&D she would definitely be a Ranger. But in D20 Modern she does not fit any of the examples of base classes very well; perhaps it's best to make her a Smart Heroine and have her enter a Ranger or Indian Brave advanced class as soon as possible.

For her, and people like her, I'd make a new feat: attuned to Nature. Characters with this feat get a +2 bonus to any skill or attack rolls made using natural materials, such as craftwork with wood or buckskin, or attack rolls with a natural-made bow and arrow. But she takes a -2 penalty to any skill or attack rolls made using artificial materials, such as working with plastic or attacking with an iron mace. Also, if she uses any artificial materials, she loses her natural materials bonus for 6 hours, even if she does not make a die roll, such as if she wears synthetic fabrics or eats heavily processed food.

Since "Malibu Adjacent" (wherever that is) is probably underwater after global warming sets in, Firebush has lost her ancestral lands, and therefore wanders North America, working to protect the earth from those who would despoil it, which includes quite a bit of the current world's population. She could be found on other continents, but she is most likely to be found in the "plains states" where the American Indians are most actively fighting Texas Rangers, randy greys, rogue dinosaurs, bondage robots, and the Minnesota Mafia.

She is friendly and reserved, willing to give people the benefit of the doubt unless she has reasons to do otherwise. But she is no fool, and anybody who betrays her trust will be dealt with severly and violently. A good stratetician, she won't fight unless she thinks she has a good chance of winning. She is willing and able to use guile and deceit if need be.
Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd put my thought on this one, since it involves characters in the MWWG world.

I'm working on a list of mutations for Macho Women with Guns characters. The theory is that many mutations are what you'd normally expect, such as webbed fingers (grants a bonus to Swimming), many are what a biologist would not expect (such as wings), and many are unique to the MWWG world, such as Iron Chest.

I'm interested in ideas for mutations. What I have so far I've gleaned from the old Gamma World book, as well as other ideas I got from the television:

2 Point Tables

d% Female Mutant d% Male Mutant
Antennae Antennae
Coat of Fur Coat of Fur
Color Change Color Change
Cool Body Cool Body
Elongated Fingers Elongated Fingers
Eunich Eunich
Enlarged Breasts ----------
Gaze Gaze
Improved Ability Improved Ability
Iron Bite Iron Bite
Iron Hair ----------
Monocular Vision Monocular Vision
Pointed Ears Pointed Ears
Racial Skill Bonus +4 Racial Skill Bonus +4
Radiation Sense Radiation Sense
Shorter Shorter
Taller Taller
Warm Body Warm Body
Webbed Fingers Webbed Fingers

5 Point Tables

d% Female Mutant Male Mutant
Bioelectric Generation Bioelectric Generation
Chameleon Skin Chameleon Skin
Cold Body Cold Body
Echolocation Echolocation
Entrancing Gaze Entrancing Gaze
Extra Arms Extra Arms
Firm Chest Firm Chest
Forgettable Face Forgettable Face
Grotesque Grotesque
Hazard Sense Hazard Sense
Heightened Ability Heightened Ability
Hot Body Hot Body
Infravision Infravision
Larger Size Larger Size
Natural Weaponry Natural Weaponry
Phosphorescent Skin Phosphorescent Skin
Photosynthesis Photosynthesis
Racial Skill Bonus +8 Racial Skill Bonus +8
Sensitive Skin Sensitive Skin
Smaller Size Smaller Size
Sticky Fingers Sticky Fingers
Wings Wings

10 Point Tables

d% Female Mutant Male Mutant
Adhesive Skin Adhesive Skin
Biolectric Projection Bioelectric Projection
Exoskeleton Exoskeleton
Frigid Body Frigid Body
Gaze Attack Gaze Attack
Giant Size Giant Size
Hypersensitive Skin Hypersensitive Skin
Iron Chest Iron Chest
Kinesis Kinesis
Little Little
Racial Skill Bonus +12 Racial Skill Bonus +12
Sizzling Body Sizzling Body
Sonic Attack Sonic Attack
Super Ability Super Ability
Third Eye Third Eye
Warning Sense Warning Sense
I kinda like the above for sexy mutants.

also here's ms. DD's nemesis.

Raughty Decker
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Background: Police Chick
Alignment: LG
Class Level(s): 3 Fast/1 Dedicated/1 Gunslinger
Character Level: 5
Experience: 10,000
Next Level: 15,000

Strength: 12 +1
Dexterity: 18 +4
Constitution: 12 +1
Intelligence: 12 +1
Wisdom: 14 +2
Charisma: 18 +4

Age: 22
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 121
Measurements: 50D - 42 - 28
Size: M
Speed: 30
Eye Color: Blue Eyes
Hair Color: Blond
Complexion: soft, yet rugged

Hit Points: 33
Armor Class: 21 (10 +4 def bonus, +4 dex, +3 armor)
Initiative: +4
Action Points: 5 points
Reputaton: +2

Based Attack Bonus: +2
Melee Attack Bonus: +3
Ranged Attack Bonus: +6

Fortitude Save: +4 +1 +1 0 +1 +1
Reflex Save: +8 +2 +1 +1 +4
Will Save: +5 +1 +1 +1 +2

Background Abilities:

Commanding Presense: Intimidation check acts as the DC's Will save. If failed, the target will obey, within reason any order they are given.

Immune to Arrest: immune to anyone else's command presense and is jailed and contained by legitimate authority will be released after 24 hours.

Fall down the stairs: +2 to bluff and intimidation checks.

Heinous drawbacks
1 Enemy: Ms DD.
1 Fairness
1 Irritating Laugh
1 Selective Hearing
1 Kinky (handcuffs)

Points Spent:
5 +1 to fortitude saves

Class Abilities:
Fast: Evasion - successful ref save means no damage
Uncanny Dodge - does not loose ac to defense, regardless of being flat footed
Dedicated: Empathic - adds +1 to bluff, intimidate, and sense motive, if given 1 mintute to observe target).
Gunslinger: Close Combat shot: Can fire wth a medium sized or smaller firearm in a threatened area wthout provoking an attack of oppertunity.

B: Personal Firearms
1: Point Blank Shot
H: Light Armor Profiency
F2: Double Tap
3: Look good in uniform

Skills (Dedicated 24, fast 18, gunslinger 7) = 49 skill points

tts rnk ATT bns
Drive 10 6 4
*Gather Info 9 4 4 1
Investigate 5 4 1
*Intimidaton 12/13 4 4 4(+5 if using desert eagle)
Knowledge 7 6 1
*Knowledge 5 4 1
Move Silently 8 4 4
Sense Motive 5 4 1
Spot 9 7 2
Tumble 10 6 4


Free stuff/Standard issue:

police uniform (texas ranger),
pepper spray,
12-gauge pump shotgun with 36 rounds
.38 revolver with 18 rounds.

$30,500 base

1000 IMI Desert Eagle 50'
200 300 rounds of 50' pistol ammunition (in magazines)
150 Undercover shirt
5000 light force field
55 baton flashlight (treat as club) 7
55 Knife - 7
6000 - 4-Wheel Drive - pickup


250 Binoculas
60 handcuffs (steel) (3)
500 Tool Kit
100 Camera, digital (front mounted on car)
100 Camera, digital
50 Gas Mask
100 Cellular Phone & Charger
25 Field Bag
50 Gun holster (2)
100 Laser Sight
100 Metal Detector


90 Web belt - 9
500 Evidence Kit, delux - 15
120 Digital audio Recorder - 10
40 floodlight - 6
200 Suppressor, Pistol - 12
50 Coveralls
90 BDUs (Fatigues) - 9
650 Portable video camera - 16


Total: $15,635

Armor and Shield Penalties:
Armor Check Penalty: 0/0
Bonus: +2/+1
Armor Type: Undercover shirt and lt force field
Cha Penalty: 0/0
Max Dex Bonus: +7
Speed Limitation: 30 feet

Weapon Statistics:

Melee Weapon
Weapon: Knife
Attack Bonus: +3
Damage: 1d4
Threat Range/Multiplier: 19/20
Ange increment: 10 feet
Damage Type: P
Weapon Size: T

Weapon: Flashlight Baton
Attack Bonus: +3
Damage: 1d6
Threat Range/Multiplier: x2
Damage Type: B
Weapon Size: M

Weapon: Tonfa
Attack Bonus: +3
Damage: 1d4 - can be subdual
Threat Range/Multiplier: 20
Damage Type: B
Weapon Size: M

Ranged Weapon
Weapon: Ruger Service-6 .38 revolver
Ammunition: .38
Attack Bonus: +6
Damage: 2d6
Threat Range/Multiplier: 20
Range Increment: 30 feet
Damage Type: Ballistic
Weapon Size: S
Payload: 6
Ammo: 18

Weapon: .50 Desert Eagle
Ammunition: .50
Attack Bonus: +6
Damage: 2d8
Threat Range/Multiplier: 20
Range Increment: 50
Damage Type: Ballistic
Weapon Size: MD
Payload: 8
Ammo: 300

Weapon: Berreta M3P 12 gauge shotgun
Ammunition: 12 gauge
Attack Bonus: +6
Damage: 2d10
Threat Range/Multiplier: x2
Range Increment: 30 feet
Damage Type: Ballistic
Weapon Size: Large
Payload: 5 Box
Ammo: 36


Both of Raughty Decker's parents died when she was very young and he was raised by relatives Buck and Marie Decker. Raughty Decker dislikes (or disliked) his parents who thought she should just raise a family. Instead Raughty Decker joined the policeforce and became one of the few female texas rangers. She has pretty much been ostracized for this and her...unusual habits. She has made many enemies including the DD-team and has vowed to bring Ms DD. To justice.

Important Events

Raunchy crossed a los diablos and has been afflicted with a curse. Those that she would bed would change gender once. Surprisingly, this didn't seem to affect her arch nemesis Ms. DD.

The character played a critical role in helping preventing the waco holdout in the texas east side. While live ammo was discharged, they were successful in taking down the diablos cult with a minimum of poblems. That has left the town of waco grateful for her.
A mentor of the character leaves for a long journey. When he or she comes back, Her boss has changed profoundly, and gender. Not only is the mentor a woman now, but he or she also seems to have found a deep inner peace. Considering she used to be a crusty old man and is now a voluptuous fairly young woman, and as far as she can remember, they never had sex, this scared Raunchy Decker immensely and has convinced her to not check in on a regular basis with headquarters.

"You will respect my authority"
I heard the song "Old Man River" today, and thought, "that guy ought to exist in my MWWG world."

The nature of Old Man River is not known, but he is always found, when he is found at all, within sight of the Mississippi River or one of its tributaries (including the Missouri river system). He appears as an old man, usually black, but he can be white or American Indian or even asian in appearance. He only appears when he wants to help someone. He has powers over the river and other druidic powers. He never resorts to violence; the Mississippi River system just does not have any force of fury. He may cause the river to flood or take other action that causes damage.

As usual, I don't have any stats worked up. (I just only have time to work up the stats that I'll actually need.) He is probably not a human; although he may have been one a long time ago, most people who know about him think that he is some sort of spirit.