Post con report: PAX AUS 2013 (Dredd and Batman games)


Below is a link that goes to the day 1,2,3 photo galleries which I hope came out sequentially, and a couple of choice shots.


Some of the boys from the D.O.G club in Dandenong ( ) volunteered to run Judge Dredd and Batman miniatures games at PAX AUS in melbourne over the weekend. When we got there, Ben/Morsla and co were running great looking (and dissapointed i didnt get in on the action as I have not played before) Warmachine demos and there was a great OZpainters table too, but we found out that most of the other games were cancelled at the last moment due to a LGS closing doors unfortunately. We made some phonecalls and managed to find some more volunteers to run 40K and dust warfare demos on Saturday and Sunday. The overall vibe was incredibly good, and people were super keen to learn how to play all of the games, batman was run back to back from 10.30am right to pretty much closing late at night fri and sat, warmachine had the tables filled, and 40k/dust had some good crowds participating and spectating duriing peak times. I brought a little book library for people to browse on sunday as I was out the door grabbing things.

I was running batman all weekend, and it was great to see that maybe half or more of the people participating in the game had either never seen aminiatures game before, or had mainly just roleplay game experience- but they were playing like pro's by half way through, massiveely helped by being batman fans and pretty much knowing exactly what everything should do based on that. Matthew and Jeremy were running Judge Dredd for most of the days too, which also attracted a lot of players who were Dredd fans. The Combat Company generously supplied tenx Killer Croc models for us to hand out as prizes which the players were chffed about, on Sunday we held a three player Boss battle where two of the keenest weekend players (including Noah, a ten year old up and coming gamer prodigy) competed to try to kill the Killer Croc, with the winner taking home the painted model. The scenario actually turned out great, with a Gotham city policeman being hero of the day, knocking him out and arresting him for the win.

It was a very tiring experience, I believe 35,000 people attended the whole show, I will definitely be on the red bull next time, and whatever organizational hiccups happened in tabletop this year will be fixed up for next year for sure, as we will now be properly networked. The first question that anyone looking at batman or having just played it asked was 'where can I immediately go and buy all of the toys', but unfortunately, there were no miniatures/hobby vendors there this year, only Good Games with board games for sale in the massive games library area. Y'all might want to consider setting up shop next year.
If you get the chance to go next year, I highly reccommend it, it will most likely be held at a larger venue (which probably means Geoff's Shed.