[PoD] Fleet size


Banded Mongoose
Default PoD campaign seems to assume that the players will wind up with (on average) around 10 ships -- that's the number listed in "Finale" for an "average" fleet.

If you ran PoD, how much of a fleet did your players outright own at the end? How did they acquire them -- piracy, purchase, or adventure rewards?


Banded Mongoose
currently running PoD.

They started with two ships: a 200 ton far trader and a 100 ton scout (from BT-SHT 365).

Oleb gifted them the use of the Harrier, bringing their total to 3.

They just finished Honor among Thieves and captured Ferrik Redthane's 200 ton far trader, the Janal Torsk, bringing their total to 4.

Then they captured a 100 ton aslan scout vessel (non-campaign adventure) bringing their total to 5 vessels.

While this has opened up all kinds of options for them it's been a bit of a bear to manage all the crew for those ships.

They are just now starting Treasure Ship, and are using their entire fleet of 5 ships to make the attempt.

Attacking / capturing the Treasure Ship will be their first act of actual Piracy and will undoubtedly place them firmly on the Empire's "watch list".