Please! I must know??? Jason Ironheart P?


I have been attempting to purchase The Earth Alliance Fact Book from my local game shop since it was first mentioned. They can't seem to get it in.

I am giving them one more week (I am sometimes to loyal for my own good). I finally found someone at the shop that would take the time to look up and see if it was available through their distributor (sometimes it is the part-time employees get the most done). I am only giving them more time since the holidays might have slowed the shipment down (it doesn't help that the guy that does the orders didn't order it the day I proved to him that it has been available through their distributor since 21 Oct. 2003...grrrr).

Anyway, it is driving me nuts!

What P rating is Jason Ironheart when he converts to Godhood? Just how high of a P rating can you have and not "Become" or go insane?

Please help me???
I would guess he's either P14 or 15 (about as powerful as a Vorlon roughly) and even if the Vorlons are cranked up in the sourcebook for them I'd still keep it at either one of those ratings, and if given some time he could become as powerful as your typical Vorlon.
No that's definitely after he turns into energy.

Before hand you could give him an increasing P rating as he progresses through that particular episode but not the control other people at similar P ratings have.
Well Ironheart had the ability to turn B5 into vapour before he turned into energy... where the Vorlons have never really been pegged as having as much power as that. I would put Ironheart as a P17 or so. Since a P20 is Triad territory and they seem pretty godlike.
What is a Triad? And if you can trust the PSI ratings in the B5 cardgame. In the cardgame Jason Ironhart started out as a P10 and ended up as an P20.
I would say he blows the chart off the scale.

I would place P20 *well* below his capability.

if a P15 is a teek, then a mere 5 points seems a bit little to me to be able to blow the atoms away from someone, or convert to pure energy...

He's so omnipotenet, does it matter?

The Triad is one of the few races that can make even the Vorlons and Shadows rethink their actions.

The Triad is made up of three aspects: order, neutrality, and chaos. Each aspect has it's own fleet and all three aspects shared control of the ship that Ivanova found and recruited for the final battle.
We know that he was extremely powerful when he converted to an "Energy Being".

"Power surge Commander" A regular bridge staff member
"How big?" Commander Sinclair
"Off the Scale Commander" A regular bridge staff member

Then he changed Talia with an Energy beam. The Vorlons had to put Lyta into a Tank and change her through Gentic Manipulation, just like they did the first Human Telepaths.

Even when the Great Machine was powered up, it did not go "Off the Scale".

I am worried about where Mongoose will place a Volon Enhanced Telepath like Lyta that is powerful enough to control the actions of at least 54 beings (yes, I recorded it on my TiVo and froze it to count) in Wheel of Fire.

I don't belive that they are thinking big enough...

Too bad JMS won't put out a true scale all the way up so that we have it to end pointless debates...the scale should go to a P30 at least.

My applogies to "A regular bridge staff member" since I don't know that crew members name. :oops:
Right now I honestly don't remember which ship it was, although I don't think it was the tiki torch crew, from what I do remember the ship was three prongs connected to a central point more or less.
No, the Tikis were the Walkers of Sigma 957. We never actually saw what a Triad member looked like.
Each Triad member is a single individual. Their vessel, the Triumviron, is actually a manifestation of their combined wills.

So far as I know, this was all made up by AOG for B5Wars, but since I like their histories and designs, I'd prefer if they were used, myself.
Well that's sorta true Sundog, The last of the Triad's ships did show up at Corianis 6 for the final fight of the Shadow War. As far as the race description goes it would (hopefully) make the approval process a bit faster if they took some of the AOG stuff and incorporated it into the Mongoose stuff (kinda like the ground force stuff for Earth Force and the Minbari).