Please help with EXPLOSIVE POWER


Friends, can you please clarify the feat EXPLOSIVE POWER found in The Road of Kings? If you use your highest BAB and utilize Power Attack at your highest bonus, doesn't that cancel each other out? In effect, you roll just a straight d20? I find this very confusing.

If anyone can explain this to me, I'd greatly appreciate it :)
You still have the modifiers for weapon focus, STR, and so on. So, while you dont get to add the BAB to the roll, it isnt just a plain die roll.

Mandating a critical is very bad. it virtually guarantees a massive damage save, and reinforces the "Power Attack With the 2 Handed Weapon All The Time" school of thought.

Mad Dog
Sounds like it deals automatic CRITs.
If this is true, it sounds unfair to the target.
Isn't it just as unfair to have a circumstance that denies a saving throw (FORT, REF, WILL)?
Where's that Blasted Book? Oh yeah, it's still in the mail. Blast it anyway. If I just had some Blasting Powder... or was that Explosive Power? I don't know, let me think... I haven't a clue as to what you're talking about because I don't have the Explosive Power of the rule books!
LOL- thanks all, for the colorful advice. Based on this thread and the other one suggested by Voltumna, I am not alowing the EXPLOSIVE POWER feat in my campaign.