Play Aids/Rule Summaries


For anyone who is interested, I have a few bits and pieces in .doc form that may be of use.

Feat List - Includes all feats from Atlantean Edition, Scrolls of Skelos, Pirate Isles and Road of Kings; arranged by feat tree, with pre-reqs and sources.

Race List - A summary of all pertinent game mechanics for the races in Atlantean Edition.

General Cheat Sheet - Two page summary of most combat actions and related information.

Alchemy, Herbal Preparations and Poison Summary: DCs, pre-reqs, costs, poison effects.

A complete skill-use summary is in the works, although I can't say when it will be finished.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll send you a copy.

Email: sablewyvern at operamail dot com

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SableWyvern said:
Sent before you posted here, I believe.

Always eager to serve, my liege.
Received with many thanks. I'am at a loss of knights at the time being. Won't you apply for the position? Your task would be simple indeed: conquer the great and beautiful kingdom of Australia (don't forget Tasmania :D ; I wanted to go there in holidays 2 years ago but some unexpected events kept me away at my regret :( ).


To those still waiting on a copy of this info, I don't have internet access at home until the weekend; will mail out outstanding copies at that point.


The great mail-out has just been completed.

If I missed anyone, let me know and I'll fix you up.

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