Planet of The Apes - Based on the Charlton Heston Version

Yeah, that could work. Spacers, Gorilla Cavalry, Mutants, free humans - could work.

Just so long as nobody lets on that the "sequel movie" was evermade...
Actually there were several movies in the line up. The original Planet of the Apes in 1968, then Battle beneath the Planet of the Apes in '69 then Escape from Planet of.......'71, Conquest of....'72, Batlle for the....."73. actually forget Star Wars the Conquest of the Planet of the Apes was probably the original prequal in Sci-Fi movie history. Then there was the TV series, take or leave that but I remember watching it religiously and the comics were a must read.

The more I think about it the more it seems a must do for mongoose, think of the cool Ape models and the mutant Doosday cult beneath the planet.
'KICK' C'mon thers got to be more fans of the original Planet of the Apes out there... I used to run to the News Agents after school to see if there was a new PotA comic in, er that was in 1975 though.
Great idea. What I'd like to see though, is what has been done with Bab5, an RPG and supplementary miniatures game. I absolutely loved the movies and series. I've even GMed a d20 one shot which played out beautifully. :D
Let's see:
  • Humans
    • Old Earthers - people of our modern-day Earth, either here when the Apes return from the future of thrown back through time by following the same course as the first crew, Taylor, Dodge, Landon and Stewart.
    • Mutants - Humans who survived the Great Fires posessing bizarre mind warping psychic abilities and living within the desolate Forbidden Zone.
    • Free Humans - Humans living free of Ape domination and slavery in the wilderness accross the desert know as the Forbidden Zone.
    • Savages - Primitive, tribal humans living in Ape controlled lands often taken as slaves subservient to the Apes.
    • Hunter scouts - Human slaves trained to hunt down and flush out hiding Free Humans and Savages.
  • Apes
    • Gorilla - The warrior caste of the Ape Empire, ambivilent to the humans.
    • Chimpanzee - Ape Empire scientists and thinkers, most sympathetic to the humans.
    • Orangutan - The philosopher and religious caste of the Ape Empire, lest sympathitic to the humans.
    • Lemur - Introspective intilectuals outside the Ape Empire who know nothing of the Old World and do not suppress the past as the Orangutans do. They embrace humans, but feel they are still the inferior species.
    • Baboon - Vicious, antagonistic marauders from outside the empire who raid outlying regions.


  • Astronaut - versitile and skilled; jack of all trades explorers
  • Cleric - philosophical and high in scocial skills and mysticism
  • Soldier - Warriors and fighters capable of using a variety of weapons with great skill
  • Scientist - intelectuals and studiers of human kind abd the ways of the emements of the world
  • Tracker - stealthy and lithe individuals capable of living off the land
  • ??? -
Thanks. I altered the post a bit to further explain what I was thinking.

Also, and I think this really goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, I'm pulling ideas from the real Apes movies...not the Marky-Mark one (lol).

In a lot of ways it'd be even cooler to use the original novel exclusively. Hmm...dig through my collection and read it again, I must...
Sutek said:
Also, and I think this really goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, I'm pulling ideas from the real Apes movies...not the Marky-Mark one (lol)
Which is the way it should be done.
Believe it or not, I just stumbled accross a PS1 game for PotAs. It's old-school and supposedly has giant mutant bats and a level through the Forbidden Zone and...well...I'm psyched. Haven't taken a look at it yet, but it cost me 2>50 used, so I couldnt'resist. (lol)

Maybe some useful info in there...
WooHoo, I just picked up a copy of the original movie from Kmart for $7.65 Australian, thats about 3 Pounds or $5.80 US. Talk about stoked, I love this movie.
I've been working on a pitch, actually. I really think there's so much potential here, that I've stared developing character generation stuff (race and class equivalents, etc.). I have a few issues with where OGL works best in terms of character leveling, but the skeleton is coming along nicely. Hopefully, I can make it look desireable enough and expansive enough to warrant Mongoose being interested in aquiring the liscence.

Hey gang,

I'm a little stumped on what to do with mutants.

We know that there was the cult of the Gestalt Mind, and it's likely that ther are many such groups in pockets throughout the Forbidden Zone, deep within the old cities.

Now, I envision a milder version with subtler powers that survive at the outskirts of the FZ near the Free Human lands (opposite the FZ from the Apes) and a wildly malformed version actually living in the wasteland between the cities as well. I'm sure there could be more, but I'm stumped.

What I'm operating under is a sort of template system where one chooses to be a mutant and gets certain ability/feat/skill buffs and then a more specific template that changes that base one. There's yet another template, the profession or Class of the character, that will add on to that (like cleric, astronaut, scientist, etc.) but I need variants of reasonablt kinds of mutants in the genere presented by the movies.

Any ideas?
from recolection the movie mutants where more a religeious lot, so for classes yo9u could have priests and preistesses, a high priest an mix it up with lower order followers. i might be mistaken but these guy's had telepathi powers too so maybe there is something there you might be able to play with. Do you have a copy of Beneath the Planet of The Apes? It wouold be good reference, I have not seen it in many years, but this is sure going to set me on a hunt to find it.

i hope that helps?
Well, I'm trying to cover more bases than just what was in the movie. Giving more options will make a more full and rich game world, but I don't want to deviate from the flavor of the movies.

Here's the way it sort of works right now, without giving away too much of what I'm doing exactly:

  • Choose a "race" (Human, Mutant or Ape)
  • Choose a "template"(Old Earther, Gestalt Member, Gorrilla, etc., dependant on race)
  • Choose a "class" (Astronaut, Cleric, Soldier, etc., not dependant on anything)
The theory will be that a Mutant member of the Gestalt of the One Mind will have differnt traits, buffs and bonuses to that of a Mutant (yadda yadda). Then, either could pick a "class" like Scientist, Priest or Soldier and get benefits from that too (end result might be something like Mutant-Gestalt of the One Mind-Soldier). "Race" and "class" aren't the actual names I'm using for the segments, but think of it as two parts of a whole class, both offering level advancements benefits and all that, including alterations to the base "race".

For another example, an Ape-Gorilla-Soldier would get the base o +2 STR, +2 CON, -4 CHA, -4 INT that all starting ape characters get, but with the selection of "Gorilla" as his template, this is augmented by +2 STR, -2 WIS, changing the total to +4 STR, +2 CON, -2 WIS and -4 CHA. Chimpanzees get +2 INT, +2 CHA, altering the basic ape "race" to be +2 STR, +2 CON, -2 INT and -2 CHA. Either of them can choose Soldier as a "class", but that will add the class skill list, class abilities, etc. just like other OGL games.

What I'm looking for is Mutant - _______ - Soldier. Fill in that blank ;)

Right now I know I ahve Mutant-Gestalt of the One Mind-, but I need more. I mean, there's bound to be more types of mutated humans out ther in the Forbidden Zone, right? I'm figuring right now that it'll be some version that is severely mutated and deformed, and another that is more meek and mild mannered and closer to basic humans. Not sure really...