Piston Fist and Vacc/Combat/Boarding Suits?


One of my players would like to use a Piston Fist as his primary close combat weapon. While there is nothing in the rules preventing him from using and wearing this weapon while wearing armored suits, I find it a bit implausible that such a rigid device, can easily be attached to any kind of suit, which itself probably is very rigid and unflexible to accomodate the Fist.

What are your thoughts?


Cosmic Mongoose
Well, you can at least make him pay for the Battledress option "Integrated Weapon Mount (pistol)" (CSC p.37) for any armor or vacc suit he uses it with. (Doesn't really need to be a TL13 item, but you can call it Cr500 at 1 or 2kg). Not exactly the same thing, but it would cover integration and bracing. Might need to be custom-made for each suit (see availability table - I'd allow it, but make him work for it).