Pirate Isles RULES

Yeah, it's a nice book. Good art, liked the village generation tables.

My campaign is completely landlocked right now, but there's an escaped Southern Isle slave that will be able to use some of the offered material right off the bat. There's info on the ancient green stone cities that I'll be able to use right away (the players will encounter one in the Karpash Mountains). Gotta love it.
This is another great resource for Conan rpg. I've been waiting for this for a while now and have to say that it has surpassed my expectations. Great job.

One request. Can we have some blown up, printable downloads of the ship deck plans please. I prefer color but I know others will need black and white. I especially would like the Zingaran Carrack as it will be the ship my characters will be adventuring on for the next couple of months.

FuryMaster said:
One request. Can we have some blown up, printable downloads of the ship deck plans please. FM
I would like to second that request.
Also, were any plans done for Stygian ships and then edited out of the final proofs?
I'll 3rd that motion, and add that I'd like to see a full picture of the ships, instead of just the hull without the sails. Otherwise, I'm all smiles!
Love the book, only a few minor gripes:

-No maps of Argos or Zingara
-No Ivanos the Corinthian! :wink:

Still, a very full sourcebook, can't wait for the next one.
Not having a map of Argos and Zingara is a little annoying. Is there a plan to have these in an upcoming product? If not, can we have a download please.

I was hoping for more info on Messantia, as my game is currently centered there. That being said, I've made up a LOT of details for MY Messantia, and I'd be looking at a lot of contradictions and conversion to work things into my version of Messantia.

I'd also loved to have seen a Conan version of the Xebec pirate ship. The Xebec is my favorite pirate ship cause it's just so cool and medieval-Moorish looking.
Recently got the book and after a quick read-through: It's a very complete, solid book with lots of crunch (for both players and DM), but also lots of ideas and useful info for the DM (especially liked the cargo lists, distance tables, village complications, and the stock NPCs -- we need more of these!).

On the negative side, I would (like many others have commented upon) have liked to see a few maps of one or two port cities (Khemi, Asgalun, etc.) and maybe some maps of ancient/lost/treasure islands and pirate hideouts. Although these are not too difficult for the DM to invent for himself, some "professional" maps could perhaps have provided some examples and ideas for the DM to build upon.

Also, there are one or two rather non-Conanesque pieces of art, such as the woman on p. 35 and the pirate on p. 14 (although this latter one could pass as OK, I really feel that the artwork in the Conan RPG books should be more grim and gritty, such as the pirate on p. 66 and the monster on p. 99). The NPC illustrations (by Quilliams) are top-notch.

Overall, I would say it's a 4.5 out of 5... because it does exactly what it's supposed to, expanding the options for naval/pirate campaigns in Hyboria and providing a wealth of inspiration.

- thulsa