Pictures of the Folth


Hey, I saw a pot with pictures of some of the Folth models a while back and I was wondering if anyone had the link to it? I tried using the search feature and failed to no avail. >.<
try searching for the "Forth" the actual army name you might find something.

The only pictures I have seen are of way pre-production Greens, no pictures of production stuff

If you join the Yahoogroups SST Starship Troopers group they have a few greens pictures in their picture files.
You might get happy with that thread:
Galatea said:
You might get happy with that thread:

Thanks dude. I'd tried searching the forums for "fourth", "Folth" and varous combinations by adding the word "the" into the search items...for note, you can't get many combinations with just two letters. <.<;;