Phantasticon 7 in Germany 9. & 10. September


On September the 9. and 10 is the Phatasticon 7 in Rodgau near Frankfurt.
With an officially Babylon 5 "A Call to Arms" Tournament.

If you have question, about these Con and the Tournament, you can ask here in this Forum, or in the Forum of the "Phantastische Gemeinschaft Rodgau e.V.".
Homepage of the PGR

There you can find more Information about the Con too.

Only a reminder for the Con.
If you like to play the officialy Babylon 5 "A Call to Arms" tournement, you can register per e-mail or on

If you have more questions, you can aks here or on the forum from the PGR.
In can now tell you the prize for the first place.

It´s a Prerelease of the new ARMAGEDDON BOX ! :shock:

So if you like to play on our tournament you can register on .