So what are the chances of seeing RQ go pdf? For me being a gamer in Australia I have to pay double plus on the US price in AuD. Also I have grown out of the whole hardback book thing - too damn heavy and bulky. As someone mentioned in another thread Heavy stock and sprial bound is the way to go.

Thanks for your time.

Lord Abaddon of Wormwood
Since it's designed as an OGL product, the basics of MRQ will be available for free online. Exactly how much remains to be seen, however.
Assuming that I like what I see when I get my hardcover copy, I'd be willing to buy a pdf version too. I find the pdfs easier to bring with me on my handheld PC than a book. Especially when it replaces several books.

PDFs are also nice is being able to print out an important page or two (like a weapons chart, or spell description) to hand out to the players.

Well that just plain sexy! Thankyou, you have got another sale.

Yes, same here, perhaps. Even if I'm not sure I'll like the new game enough to spend a bundle on the dead-tree books, I may decide to get the PDF copies instead to test the full books out (assuming there's a reasonable difference in the cost; I've seen PDFs of a 25-dollar book that cost like 22.95 :roll: .)
Very Nice! It's good to have PDF's of the books I have/ will buy. I love being able to print out much used pages for quick reference.
Not to mention the fact that it is much easier to flip through several .pdfs when sitting in front of a computer writing up a scenario, than it is to have several books at the desk where you sit in front of the computer. Makes for much easier reference in that situation.

As for hardcovers, I much prefer those when we actually play.

Nice to hear that RQ will be available as .pdf. Will definetly buy that too.
The question then becomes; Will the Companion; Monster, etc. books be available as .pdfs too?
And, where can I buy the pdf version(s) of the book(s) when they become available? Drivethrurpg?
I'm guessing it'll be done through


just like their other stuff. Might still buy a hardcopy to play with, but pdf is more useful for me ...

Fab news!

I wish I could get my .pdf version already :))
But then, I think it is probably wise to get the hardcover version out before you start to deal with the electronic one.

Hopefully the price for the electronic version will not be that high, so that I can buy a copy for each of my players as well.