Pay Thread (Again)

Pay for EarthForce Officers. I'm looking at the books, and still haven't found anything that lines this out. Now, the new book EarthForce Campaign Guide sounds like it may have it in there, but...

You can't use Profession as a measure, pay would be based on Time in Service, and Pay Grade it seems to me.

A starting Psi Cop makes 80k a year. Interesting sense that doesn't work out with the way to calculate the pay of a telepath in Psi Corps in the same book.

Anyone have a good way of figuring it up? We are starting out old campaign over again and I will be playing a Commander with about 10 years of experience. Unless I find something helpful I am going to just figure it up by the US Navy's pay scale and be done with it. lol

Thanks again for taking a look at another thread on this subject folks. I did the search and got alot of stuff that just didn't help at all, so I thought I'd ring everyone again.
I started working on this:

It should work in Firefox 1.0 and IE6 for sure
don't ask me exactly what my intentions were, it was a while ago but I felt the profession rules were too generalized.

I did base it on skill to a certain extent but the idea was to implement a sort of performance related pay.

The players could choose to take the average (assume a roll of 10) or may roll a D20 and calculate based on the formula provided.

I think I intended for the skill to be the player's profession skill or primary skill ranks (whichever is lower) and for the Range column to represent the possible variance with the profession by multiplying the formula result by this value. (i.e. a beggar is likely to have extremes of luck so has a range of 0.1-2.0 or 10% to 200%, whereas a telepath is usually paid a regular wage from an employer)

The plan was to work this out for every major profession.
Psi Cops' pay doesn't work out with the rules for calculating a commercial telepath's pay because it's totally different work.

There are notes on pay scales in the EarthForce book (based on the Navy pay scales, for that matter). I think my original draft had a ccommander earning about 100k credits a year, but that was before playtesting and sanity checking.
A commander makes almost that much depending on what bonuses (hostile fire pay / aviation pay for example) before taxes now. So that doesn't make a problem for me. Where is this in the EF book anyway?
As for bonuses for EA officers, I'm sure Sheridan mentions needing to keep his flight hours up to qualify for flight pay.