Paranoia minis confirmed for February !


Mongoose at GamingReport said:
Paranoia XP: Troubleshooters Miniatures Set - $14.95

Stay alert! Trust no one! Keep your laser handy! This box set heralds a new range of high-quality, lead-free, 30mm metal miniatures - sculpted by Bobby Jackson - for use with the Paranoia XP roleplaying game, featuring six Troubleshooters acting as Troubleshooters do in the line of duty.
That's some good news as it will be interesting to see how they look.
I love how Mr. Jackson sculpted the Lone Wolf minis, so I'm sure these will turn out well too. 8)
Soooo, its just troubleshooter minis for now? any pre-view pics?
Also, I personally, have never used minis in any of my RPGs. Does Paranoia really lend itself to their use?
Here it is the end of May and Troubleshooters boxed set is still listed as a preorder on the front page. I'd really like these minis but these constant delays have got me concerned there's something wrong with them and my interest is waning.

Are the minis actually out now or have they been delayed for the 4th month in a row?