Paint colors for Raider Vessels


Howdy all...

I'm pretty much new to the ACTA game having only played it at a couple of conventions and have my first few minis arriving tomorrow (got the boxed game with counters a couple weeks ago). I bought a few Raider vessels... enough for a small fleet. I am totally new to painting miniatures which is where I need your help.

I've been reading a quite a bit (mostly here) about how to paint, what kinds of paints to use, tips and tricks, etc... I've about settled on Vallejo paints for a couple reasons but my question isn't about paint preference... what I'd like to know is, can any of you provide me with a paint color list for working with the Raider vessels? ...specifically, from the Vallejo line. There's a few colors that look similar to what might work but I'm hoping yall can clear that up for me.

Also, while I'm asking, if anyone has any last minute advice for someone who's about to dive in to this madness, I could use it. :)

Thanks a bunch,
Sorry dude, but I use GW colours. Do you want to paint them just like the ones ni the series, or do your own thing?
Thanks for the reply. Since I posted that I've finished my first few raider vessels. Here's a link to a pic I posted at BGG....

Those are my first ever paint jobs. I muddled through the paints, mixing here and there until I got something that looked right. A bit of reading up on tips and tricks like washing and dry brushing and I was on my way.

I had a difficult time finding top quality paints local and opted to go the generic route and found some cheap paints at a craft store. I might just not know what I'm missing but they worked great for me. I suppose time will tell how they hold up but then again, the sealer I used seems to be pretty durable and if it holds for the long haul, maybe it doesn't matter whats underneath.