(OT) Babylon 5: I've Found Her prequel campaign released


Apologies in advance if this is too far off-topic, but I thought people here might be interested:

For those not in the know, I've Found Her is a non-canon, fan-made computer game; it's a space combat sim based on the show. It has been in development for two or three years, and now, a prequel campaign (think of it as a demo for the upcoming full game) has been released.

I've been playing it quite a bit over the last couple days, and the level of detail and polish that shows through here is just amazing -- as in, beyond what I've come to expect from commercial games. It uses a fully newtonian flight model, so you can pull off all those neat Starfury tricks; it looks and feels fantastic. And then there's hyperspace. Regardlesss of whether or not you've played space sims before, you've never experienced anything quite like hyperspace in this game. It's difficult to describe, except to say that it's a very dangerous place, even (or especially) when nobody else is around. If you go too far off-beacon, you're pretty much screwed.

Anyway, I've rambled enough. Here's the link:

trying to download it for several days, it`s a 220mb download though and i`m not on broadband :!: :cry:

got about 4% done so far, i`m real glad they got this lobour of love completed. :D
That game is great - and I only started the training.

(just got "killed" from the 2 Alphas in the first training fight - hard to fly with keyboard and mouse, but hopefully it will become easier the longer I play)

Really really great game.

das Darke
When I press 'Play Game' it loads up but then the screen shows the desktop or webpage if I am on the net. I don't see the mouse pointer on screen and I can not do anything. Luckily I can hit Ecs and get out of it.
Hmm... okay, that is odd. Try posting about it at the IFH forums, which you can reach through the link above.
Well, this is really cool. Thanks for the link!

So I started playing it and also got killed by the Alpha. It took awhile to figure out the controls since I'm not as flight sim savvy as some. Regardless, this begins to make up for the cancelled Sierra game.

Hyperspace is wicked cool.
This is a truly excellent game. The instructor lessons are very nice, though they and the interface seem very much like a well-done re-engineering of the Freespace engine and system. Not that this is a detriment to me; I loved Freespace and its Sequel, but it is something that struck me... along with several pulse lasers (sadly).

The engine is entirely new (it's also used for a game called HomePlanet, but it was developed for IFH), but certain aspects are no doubt inspired by other space sims. Simply playing them gives you an idea for what works and what doesn't, so it's rather difficult (and probably a bad idea) to not be derivative of them to some degree.