Optional Rules for Rapid Fire


What do you think about following optional rules for Rapid Fire :

1. Rapid Fire Weapons has a number which gives information about the maximum shots of a weapon. For Example a Heavy PPG Rifle has a Rapid Fire (3).
This gives the possibility to "create / use" Weapons with more than 3 Shots, for example a "Gatling PPG" with Rapid Fire (6).

2. The attacker can choose to use 1, all, or a number between 1 and the maximum shots of the weapon. But for every extra attack he get a -1 for the attack.

3. Every Weapon which is "build" on a Vehicle (for example the HPC on the Omega) ignores the penality. Because of stabilizer, recoilcompensators, the weight of the Vehicle, ... .
1- First of all there are already weapons with a rapid fire rate (RFR) greater than 3 , the first than comes to mind is the Wesson Rattler submachinegun , which has a RFR od 5 . A Gatling projectile gun (the EF-232 air defence chaingun , developed as an AA weapon , but employed against infantry during both the Dilgar and E-M wars) is on the works in the supplement that I am currently working on : The Anla Shok guide to personal weapons of known space (2285 ed.) .

2- One Rule that I have developed is that the attacker can rapid fire as many times as he/she wish , from 1 ut to the weapon´s maximum RFR , but for every attack 2 bullets/energy charges are vasted . When spraying an area , the ammo consumed by every attack is 3 .

3 - I alrady assumed that vehicle mounted weapons were stabilized , and suffered no penalties , but I could be wrong ...
Personally I think the Rapid Fire rules are fine as is. They are made to simulate automatic weapons fire which are usually full auto or 3 round bursts and IMO do so very well.

Your version gives a lot of benifit for little or no cost, there by making it a bit overpowerful especially the modified vehicle rule.
For the Vehicle Rule.

If you look at the Omega with it Heavy Laser Cannons and Heavy Puls Cannon.

The HPC has a lesser Range, with a lesser Damage potential.
Min.Damage Laser : 88 ; Max. Damage Laser: 160
Min. Damage HPC : 23 ; Max. Damage HPC: 50)

Even when all three Shots hit, had the HPC the lesser damage Potential.
And don´t forgett, that every shot is reduced by DR.
But the Problem is, that, when you use the Rapid Fire of the HPC, you got a -3 to all your attacks. Which is a enourmous malus for a "normal" soldier. :roll:

So, what is the benefit of the HPC, that you mount it on a Omega insteat of another twin-linked HLC :?: