Online Games - General Idea Fest!! - Warning: Small Rant

Void Hawk

Ok, there are more than 6 regular posters on this Forum I think (not counting me because I haven't posted much). There must be a few folk who Ghost this Forum too. I am willing to run Games on here. I need Players, but what I'd like right now (and what I think could be a good resource for Everyone in the future) is so Ideas of the Kinds of Campaigns you'd like to see Played here.

Now, I'm going to go on a little Rant here.... so

>Rant Mode On<

Games played on these Boards are different to games played on a Table. This format causes some problems with "Gaming," but it adds a whole new depth to the Game as well.

Lets start with the problems:
1. Games Slow dramatically when faced with the Combat Round. You have probably all seen it happen, and if you haven't you probably will if you play PbP Games online any time soon.
2. Posting by the various participants can be eratic at best. We are not all sitting round the same table. We probably don't even live in the same Timezone.

Thats about it for the serious problems. You still have Dicerolling etc to worry about.... but thats kinda minor, and handled in two ways... Trust the Player, or the GM makes ALL rolls.

Lets have a look at the Benefits:
1. Everything is written down. Everything.
2. The Game slows down. You get to consider each move before you post. You get to Edit and Flesh-Out the Scene.
3. Everything is written down. You can re-read the entire Story if you want.
4. Did I mention that Everything is WRITTEN DOWN. That means GM's can make their Plots as Complex as they want and you can go back and look for clues in what the GM has WRITTEN. Players can flesh out that Gunfight in extraordinary Detail, because he can write his actions, describing the Crash of the Glass smashing beside his head as he ducks under the table to avoid a massive hail of SMG fire from the Pinstripe Suited Mooks in the Limo going by. In fact, we can get thoughts... "That was close Jonny Boy....." and Speach..... "What the...????"

So we have to Modify Combat (my idea is to Slow Combat to 30 Second Rounds and the Characters get More Actions). COMBAT slows down instead of the Game. The reason I say this is because RPG's are so Cinematic, and PbPs are not. I have seen so many games like this:

Bob: I shoot a Mook (an action that takes 0.5 of a second)
GM: (Rolls Dice) He dies.
John: I Shoot a Mook (again 0.5 Seconds)
GM: (Rolls Dice) He's Injured.
Ralph: I punch the Mook John Shot. (and Again)
GM: (Rolls Dice) He's more Injured.

So, that is 1.5 seconds so far (bear with me on this....) If I saw a MOVIE that cut to each diferent Character every 0.5 Seconds, I think I'd probably be Motion Sick, or Hypnotised.

Now, we watch a Movie...
A war torn City somewhere in Wales.....
Bob the Soldier: Darts out from behind a Burned out Car (Running) , laying down cover fire ( Suppresive Fire While Running). Diving behind a wall for cover he returns fire (Suppressive Fire while in Cover x3) trying to force the enemy to keep their heads down long enough for his squad to cross the street. (this is about 6 - 8 Seconds of Footage)
Plot: Three of the Soldiers go down in a hail of Gunfire in the Background as Half the Squad crosses the Street. The Soldiers look up the road at the Seven streets to go before they get to their target (this is also about 5-6 seconds of footage).

That detail I have included in the bit above is pretty low compaired to what is possible. I could have detailed his Thoughts, the Sounds and Smells, the Feel of his Wounded Knee (That he got three Levels ago back in Kursk). I could go on and on. Now that we have Meks involved, slowing Combat down is a better idea online, because we already have slightly simplified Physical Combat, and the Scale of it also makes the slower pace more realistic. And oh yeah.... we can make everything a lot more detailed.

Thats what this Rant is about really.... Detail.
This Format allows us to be as Detailed as we can without actually going out and making a Film. In fact more, because we can use this medium to record Thoughts and Feelings and Smells easily.

>Rant Mode Off<

So, anyone got any good Ideas for good online Rules or even an Online Game? Maybe an Idea for a Game you'd like to play in?

I shall submit some ideas tomorrow, for tonight I am weary.