Ok so I had nothing better to do on a friday afternoon.....

Thanks. Very cool. I may give these a try in tonight's game, except we play with auto-crits (no rerolls for possible threats), so I'd ignore that aspect of your table.
Decided we didn't like your tables and reverted to the old ones.
Your tables weren't dangerous enough by comparison (had to roll too high to get anything good on critical effects), and didn't account for different weapon types.
Well that'll learn me... The mods I made were based on my players complaints that they were far to deadly as they were!
We had a toe chopped off, a throat slashed to prevent speech, a heart pierced for instant death, a torn shoulder, a twisted knee, and more (most were just +1 critical multiplier). We had the most criticals ever in last night's two big battles. It was scary! All of the really bad ones happened to NPCs (allied or enemy), except for a PC who tripped, dropped his weapon and stunned himself for 1 round, long enoug to go to -2 hit points when he tried to stand up in front of his foes. We like the tables we're using because level and current hit points don't matter---anybody can die or be mutilated badly at any time! That seems like the feel of a Conan story to me. :twisted: