OK, if its so special, when do I get them.


From all of the smoke and hype of SST and BF evo, I for one would like to seriously ask the question.

I want to know if the demo program had been fixed, and if I can join up for it, or what its going to take to get my demo games, so I can try to get some interest drummed up in this area. My nearest area, Richmond, is as close as Im going to get for some reasonable gaming action, but from the way the shop lacked in enthusiasm for the game, there will be serious opposition for this game, or anything else from mongoose.

I would like to think that if the game got rehauled, then the issues of last year were rectified with the Demo program, and that the availability of these games might come to my area a little easier if there was a few demos, and some prelooks at the game.
This doesn't answer the question of when demo stuff will be available, if the program has been fixed, or if there are any dates for preorder.

Thanks though, for stating the obvious.