OGL - Steampunk: Weapons question


Ok, my friend bought the book, and is achin' to play it. But in looking through it, he noticed that the weapons list doesn't include bolt-action rifles, a staple of the Victorian Era (1880's-1890's).

Can we get maybe a downloadable web-enhancement for this oversight? As well as any other ones people see?


I thought the ranged weapons included were a little off for the time period too - when I think of the Victorian era and Steam, I don't think muskets.

And how could they forget the sword cane! That's a staple of the Victorian era! :)

What I did like about the equipment section (which uses the modern SRD Wealth system) were neat little "flavor" things like purchase DCs for opera tickets and train tickets.


The default world covered in OGL Steampunk is not exactly the Victorian era; the presence of magic slowed down weapons development until the humans started paying more attention to mundane means for causing loads of hurt. As such, the firearms available in the game correspond to an earlier period of Earth history because, in the design stages of the game, I took into account the influence of magic on industries of all sorts and how it slowed down their progress.

So, this is a conscious choice, although stats for more advanced firearms are readily available in many sources and there is no trouble in adapting them :)


I'm thinking that a setting more along the time period of the mid 1700's would fit with the material in the book.
Imagine if the Industrial Revolution had kicked off about a hundred years earlier. Now add in that each Empire wants to develop their industry more for military construction then common products and I think this is more in keeping with the feel of the book.