OGL Steampunk release at the end of the month???

Waiting myself to pick this up ASAP.

Would also appreciate and love a preview along the lines of what went up for Cybernet.
From what I have heard, each OGL book has everything you need to get your campaigns going. As for actual adventures I do not know.
Based on previous OGLs, this book will be more of a toolkit, and have very little if any setting. I would be surprised if they had anything other than references, like the previous 3 OGL books.

I think that is the OGL line's greatest strength and weakness. They provide you with every tool you might need, but don't tell you what to do with it. That opens up maximum flexibility to their product. But even a couple of pages of campaign ideas or plot hooks would be welcome in my book - even if they showed up on the Mongoose site. That would be grand and likely all I need to get my mind off and running on stories.

That was a nice thing about OGL horror. It did have a mini campaign setting in the back and some hooks.

In understand the value of what they are doing, though. It makes the book ultimately flexible to anything the GM wants to accomplish.

If I had one knock on this line it would be that, and *ONLY* that.

Cuz other then that the three OGL books out so far have been some of may favorite D20/OGL products.

They are simply top notch.

I just can't wait for this to be released!

I plan on using elements in my Forgotten Realms setting. However, my players have no idea I'm planning this :).

Depending on how it's set up. They shall be running into some steam powered Drow heavy equipment & artillary!

I can just see it now:

"Hey! When did the Tinker Gnomes start helping the Drow?"
"Wait! Tinker Gnomes aren't IN The Realms!!"

I love torturing my PC's....
Did I ever mention the Book of Vile Darkness is my closest friend & my players worst nightmare :twisted:
Vile minds think alike!

One time my players encountered an awakened half red dragon T-Rex! Did I mention that the T-Rex has levels in Disciple of Mephistopheles?
Looks like we have to wait till May now for it. Oh well, I am sure it will be worth it....
Its May, where oh where is our OGL Steampunk! 8)

Hoping it hits the shelves soon!
yeah Matt had mentioned in this thread that steampunk had some blockage in this thread :?
posted march 9th

So due end of the month eh...okies, just a little longer.

Want to get my hands on this book and a few others, then begins the campaign work. 8)

Hope they plan some supplements or expansions for the OGL products (particularly Steampunk) as well.